Petland Buys Puppies From Puppy Mills

An investigation by the Humane Society has discovered some disturbing facts about the puppies sold at Petland stores. While the pet giant claims to only...


An investigation by the Humane Society has discovered some disturbing facts about the puppies sold at Petland stores. While the pet giant claims to only get puppies from reputable breeders the facts show otherwise. The Humane Society goes so far as to allege that Petland supports puppy mills.

According to a report by the Humane Society of the United States, many stores of the Ohio-based Petland Inc. pet store chain support puppy mills while telling customers the dogs come only from good breeders.

The animal protection group made the charge at a Washington, D.C. news conference, saying it conducted an eight-month investigation of the chain headquartered in Chillicothe in southwest Ohio.

Petland Inc. did not return repeated calls from CBS News seeking comment on the report. But in a message posted on the company Web site, Petland said the company does not support substandard breeding facilities and provides each store with humane care guidelines developed with the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

While Petland has stated prior that the Humane Society reports surface every year around holiday time, the same time as their fundraisers. Implying they are using “sensationalism” to help raise funds for their cause.

If you look at the facts found in the investigation it’s very hard to dispute the allegations. The Humane Society said investigators visited 35 breeders and brokers that sold puppies to Petland stores.
As well as reviewing hundreds of additional interstate import records from other breeders.

“We found very classic puppy mill condition,” the Humane Society’s Stephanie Shain told CBS News. “Dogs in small cages. These animals were living in those cages 24 hours a day, 365 days out of the year.”

In puppy mills, hundreds of breeding dogs are packed into cramped, barren cages with no socialization, exercise or human interaction, she said.

The stores investigated are perpetuating an abusive industry where dogs are treated like a cash crop instead of as pets, said Shain, director of the Humane Society’s campaign against puppy mills.

“They know that consumers won’t stand for the cruelty inherent in mass-breeding facilities, so they make outrageous claims to hide the reality that the dogs came from puppy mills,” Shain said.

Shain is right, now that consumers are aware of what goes on behind closed doors we will do anything in our power to stop it. We, as dog lovers, have banded together to sign petitions and help change legislation. The voice of 60 million dog owners can no longer be ignored, we will not allow it.

We are their voice, the only one they have. Take action by going to the Humane Society site where you can learn how to contact Petland’s corporate headquarters to express your concern for puppy mills and ask them to stop selling puppies.

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