Dogster Reviews: We Test an Assortment of Products By Oré Pet

Ace tries out some stylish and affordable items, including a fetch toy, a brush and a placemat.


Ace and I are on an ongoing quest to dig up dog products that are as fashionable as they are useful. (Okay, so maybe the “fashionable” part is a little less important to Ace than it is to me.) This is no easy task. But the way I see it, if I have to buy Ace another brush, or jacket, or toy, shouldn’t it be as pretty as possible? Unfortunately, Ace does not earn enough money from her modeling gig to fund the purchase of more extravagant goods, so when I find a brand that is modern and unique but not wallet-emptying expensive, we pounce on it.

Recently, Ace and I were window shopping at a local boutique pet store (I was taking careful notes on interesting products, while Ace was dancing frantically in front of a delighted, treat-dispensing cashier). A bright display of placemats in an array of trendy colors captured my attention, and that’s how I was introduced to Oré Pet. Like their people products, Oré’s cat and dog products are cheerfully vintage-inspired, with fun prints and an expansive color palette. They are also not freakishly expensive.

It was difficult to choose a placemat to review, but after much debate we settled on the Shadow Dog Retro Aqua Placemat ($5). I just fell in love with the color, and the print makes me smile. The placemat is a fairly standard size (18 inches wide by 12 inches high) and fit Ace’s two large bowls snugly.

The placemat is polypropylene and therefore easy to wipe down. This is important to me because about half of Ace’s food ends up on the placemat anyway, and I want to keep it as clean as I keep her stainless steel bowls. One drawback to this simple style of placemat is that it can slide around if you have tile floors and an aggressive eater.

After a good meal, Ace likes to take a nap, so I saw an opportunity to try the Pet Brush Wood Bone Boar Bristles ($12). Made of solid maple wood and boar bristles, this brush is a good size and shape for medium to large dogs; it was a bit large for 15-pound Ace’s petite frame. This brush is nicely made, and I like the simple style of the natural wood.

Ace usually enjoys the ZoomGroom by Kong, which is quite a different kind of brush as it is made from a rubbery material. I think Ace prefers the feel of the ZoomGroom to the sensation of the boar bristles, but if your dog likes this style of brush, I found Oré’s boar bristle brush to be of good quality. Oré also offers a similarly shaped brush with stainless steel bristles.

Finally, after great patience, Ace and I tried out one of Oré’s dog toys. Like other toys in this line, the Fetch Dog Toy Old Shoe ($8) is made from 100-percent recycled cotton and is decorated with a cool screen-print using lead-free ink. These toys are machine washable and include a squeaker.

Ace was very enthusiastic about this toy. I think it was a combination of the toy’s smaller size and soft yet sturdy material. She had a great deal of fun fetching it, shaking it, and tugging it. I think we’ll get some mileage out of it, but larger dogs would probably kill this toy fairly quickly. I thought the array of toys in this line were pretty cool and unique, particularly because the designs are screen-printed photos.

Dogster Scorecard for Oré Pet:

  • Quality: Oré products are of good quality given they are pretty and inexpensive.
  • Style: I love the style of this product line: colorful, whimsical, vintage, fun.
  • Function: I was impressed by the quality of the boar bristle brush, while the placemat and dog toy would benefit from more gentle treatment.
  • Creativity: Oré Pet’s products have a vintage feel that is unique.
  • Value: Oré Pet’s prices are affordable compared to brands offering similarly styled products.

Bottom line

Even if your dog couldn’t care less about style, do your fashionable, thrifty self a favor and check out products by Oré Pet.

What do you think about Oré Pet products, Dogster readers? What are your go-to brands to keep your dog cute without breaking the bank?

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