Ontario, Canada’s Windsor Animal Rescue Closed After Massive Problems Found

What WON'T animal abusers like this "animal rescue" do to make money? Thanks to Sammi for barking in this series of articles. There is a...
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What WON’T animal abusers like this “animal rescue” do to make money?

Thanks to Sammi for barking in this series of articles.

There is a pet store in my city that tries to pass itself off as an animal rescue.

Please check out the first 4 articles on this page

there’s also a group on facebook that has photos on the conditions of the animals. There is no ventilation in the basment and no drainage. On the news they said there was also no litter boxes.

80 people showed up at the store today because the owner said he was giving all the animals away. The news showed up, the police showed up and the ontario society for the prevention of cruelty to animals showed up. On the news there was a very uneducated couple that picked out a puppy but the police said that no animals could leave without them passing a vet check, non of the animals passed and the couple that wanted the puppy got to hear from the vet that the puppy had parvo and would probably not survive the night.

My inlaws purchased my Uncle Scrufy from this place, they told them he was a puppy and he had all his shots, he was never able to provide my inlaws with any records of shots and whenever they called or showed up he said he was busy or he misplaced them. Anyway my inlaws were lucky cause scrufy only had worms. But he was no puppy the vet said that Uncle Scruffy was atleast two years old.

There is a lady named Terry Beedle she’s in that facebook group. They sold her a dog with parvo virus, the dog died after being home for 63 hours. The owner refused to talk to them at all.

After all the sick animals and lies it’s a brighter day here knowing that he has been shut down. But everyone is scared for the animals that are being left behind, what will happen to them?

Petstores that sell dogs and cats are evil but ones that pass themselves off as a rescue organization? There is prbably a place reserved in hell for this guy and those like him.

I won’t run all the articles about this travesty but here is one of many that have been written. Thanks to The Windsor Star for this article.

If you have gotten any unhealthy pets from this “rescue,” now is the time to step forward.

Windsor Animal Rescue owner to close shop
Dalson Chen, The Windsor Star
Published: Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The embattled owner of Windsor Animal Rescue says he is closing his business, and is asking the public to help provide homes for his remaining stock of pets.

Donald Lafrance said he will open the doors of his operation at 4281 Wyandotte St. E. at noon Tuesday to give away all of the animals left in the building.

“Every single living thing,” said a tearful Lafrance late Monday night. “We have to find homes for these animals. We just want to see a lineup of people out there at noon to come rescue these animals.

Lafrance said he has about 30 dogs, 25 cats, 24 birds and 25 rodents — including gerbils, hamsters and chinchillas. Also being given away are fish, rabbits, a pair of ferrets, and at least one reptile.

“It’s free of charge. People can come and get these animals. Just give them a home,” Lafrance said.

Asked if it’s legal for him to hand out the animals without papers, Lafrance replied: “No problem. I can give them away. I just got to keep a list of where they’re going, that’s all.”

A controversial figure, Lafrance has become embroiled in legal battles with the local humane society over his business practices. But Lafrance said the biggest reason for his closure is his fight with city bylaw enforcement officials. “It’s too complicated,” he said. “Really, really complicated.”

On Monday Lafrance received a letter from the city’s licencing department notifying him that the business licence for Windsor Animal Rescue was being suspended effective March 5.

Under the Ontario Municipal Act a municipality can suspend a business licence for 14 days without a hearing “when it is believed that there is an immediate danger to the health and safety of any person or to any property”, which includes animals at the shelter.

Last week Windsor police, city inspectors and two veterinarians executed a search warrant at the shelter to test 25 dogs inside for parvo and other contagious dog diseases.

City licencing commissioner Diane Sibley said she could not comment on the results of the tests because the business has the right to a hearing to contest the licence suspension before a hearing.

That hearing is scheduled to take place on March 18.

Follow this link to read the rest of the article.

Thanks to The Windsor Star for this article.

Humane Society may change protocols
Craig Pearson, Windsor Star
Published: Monday, March 10, 2008

Animal-control workers found such deplorable conditions at a local pet shop last week that the head of the Windsor humane society said his agency will change its protocols to ensure nothing like it happens again.

“There is nothing that even comes close to the disaster that pet store was,” John Roushorne, of the Windsor-Essex County Humane Society, said Monday. “When you look at some of the pictures that came out of that basement – the place was a nightmare.”

Tensions between the humane society and Windsor Animal Rescue have escalated over the last year, partly because the pet store ran ads featuring a cartoon cat hanging from a noose and advising pet owners to beware of animal-control facilities.

Two weeks ago, officials with the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals took some of the store’s animals for testing. Last Monday, the city sent a letter saying the store would lose its licence for two weeks as a result.

Windsor Animal Rescue owner Donald Lafrance then announced he would give away all his animals, which created some chaos at his store and attracted police and humane society workers – who told him he could not give away the animals without having them certified as healthy by a veterinarian.

Lafrance then surrendered his animals to the humane society. He could not be reached for comment Monday.

Roushorne said the Windsor-Essex County Humane Society is still swamped after collecting 13 dogs, 40 cats, seven mice and one rat.

Six cats have been euthanized, while all the animals have been quarantined.

“Of the 40 cats we brought in here, all of them had some medical problem and some of them are desperately ill,” Roushorne said. “We’ve got five cats on intravenous right now.

“I’m running an intensive care ward in an isolation room that I would normally be using for intake of cats.”

Roushorne said some citizens have donated to help with the influx of sick animals, but that the agency is nevertheless still swamped.

“As a licenced establishment, I don’t believe anybody has seen anything like this,” said Roushorne, noting that conditions worsened significantly within a matter of weeks. “Anything we’ve seen comparable to this were underground operations. The conditions in that pet shop were absolutely horrendous.”

Follow this link to read the rest of the article.

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