“Old Man” Jake’s Stock Tip

Jake has mixed feelings today. One one hand, he is thrilled that he may have finally found a stock he wants to buy. But on...

stock-chart-1Jake has mixed feelings today.

One one hand, he is thrilled that he may have finally found a stock he wants to buy.

But on the other hand, hes grumbly because his stock find makes him feel old.

How on earth can a stock make you feel old, Jake?

He pointed to a line in the Bloomberg story about the stock. I read it aloud, as he doesnt have this capacity. (Something about the lips fitting over the teeth, and the vocal cords and the tongue. Im not sure I understand the anatomic rationale, but Im only a human.)

More than half of pet dogs and cats are now over seven years old, an age considered senior for them, according to Japan Pet Food Association.

Jake's wince eventually became an odd stare.

Jake winced, and seemed stunned at this revelation.

I looked at my 7.5-year-old yellow Lab and saw utterly no indication of Old Dog anywhere. He is a pup through and through, as far as Im concerned. He probably always will be, even as he hobbles into his 14th year, if we are lucky enough to have him with us that long.

When he turned 5, I saw a bag of dog food at the store that said For Senior Dogs, Ages 5+ I was aghast. My puppy was NOT a senior! I have avoided that pugnacious dog-food brand since.

Jake was still wincing when I stopped strolling down memory lane. To comfort him, I continued reading the Bloomberg story aloud. And I must say, it looks like Jake has a good nose for stocks.

The stock Jake would like to buy is Japanese. (Im not sure he can do this. He doesnt even speak English that well.) Its called Unicharm Pet Corp., and its Japans largest maker of pet-care products.

In Japan, as in so many places on Earth, the population is getting older, and seniors humans are turning to pets for companionship. And those pets are getting older, and needing special items to help them through their golden years, I explained to Jake. Unicharm is revving up its engines to start meeting this burgeoning pet populations needs. Among its offerings: Senior pet food, diapers, and deodorants.senior-pet-products

At this point in the article, Jake left the room. The realization that senior dogs might need things like diapers and deodorant must have too much for him. (Deodorant?! I cant blame him.)

Im not sure hes so enamored of Unicharm stock anymore. He just stares out the window and doesnt say anything. But with the companys shares climbing 17 percent in the last six months, and its sales strong with no signs of slowing, it might make me want to break open my piggy bank.

Just dont tell Jake. Hell expect some kind of commission, especially now that he’ll be saving up for all the things he’ll need in his golden years…

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