The 12 Dogs of Christmas: Oakley the Lab Mix

In this recap of 2013's most awesome dogs, we check in with Oakley, who overcame unimaginable hardship.


In celebration of the year-end festive season, Dogster is casting a canine-focused eye back on the most notably lovable dogs that helped light up 2013. Each day we’ll be profiling one honorable hound. We’re tagging it “the 12 Dogs of Christmas.”

After yesterday’s regal prankster Charles the Monarch, next up is …

9. Oakley

In polite terms, Oakley the Labrador mix was born without a fully-working butt. Back in March we reported on the plight of this freckle-faced cutie by explaining in charming terms how “she was born with no anus, so her colon expels waste through an open hole in her abdomen.”

She was taken in by the Friends of Emma rescue organization, who battled on to save Oakley even when a doctor told them she was literally beyond repair and that they’d never seen such a case of medical complexities before.

Undeterred by the devastating medical news, the Friends of Emma troopers continued to care for Oakley and, according to updates on her Facebook page, Oakley seems to be doing okay! A series of videos posted when she was four, eight and 12 weeks old shows her progress, while just last month she celebrated her first birthday!

You can keep up with Oakley’s progress and plans for 2014 over at her own very pink website.

Enjoy the rest of the 12 Dogs of Christmas here:

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