Northern Ireland County to Ban and Kill All Pit Bulls

Thanks to the dog lovers at K9 Magazine for the news of this impending Pit Bull purge! How horrible! You would think the Irish would...


Pit Bulls To Be Purged From Northern Ireland

Thanks to the dog lovers at K9 Magazine for the news of this impending Pit Bull purge! How horrible!

You would think the Irish would have gotten past this sort of thing. When I think of Irish humanity, I always think of the venerable Mary Robinson who has spent so much of her life working for peace and justice. Now I know she is from the Republic of Ireland and this is Northern Ireland we’re talking about, but come on folks! Haven’t enlightened people yet accepted that its the humans, not the breeds!? Take away Rotties and the thugs get Pit Bulls. Take away their Pits and they’ll find something else!

BTW, when this article refers to “amnesty” it means turning over the dogs to be killed. The amnesty is for the dog owners, NOT the dogs!

If any Dogsters have more information please bark in!

Outrage At Proposed Pitbull Massacre

A council in Northern Ireland are awaiting the “rubber stamping” of what is being described as a “Pitbull Amnesty”. Ballymena council members have agreed to throw their weight behind the UK’s first ever Pitbull amnesty, which will see dogs fitting the description of the banned breed being rounded up and put down.

The moves follow a recent attack by a Pitbull type breed in Co. Antrim, which is said to have been the trigger for the proposal. It is believed that the “amnesty” is planned to be in place for four weeks, although some council members are calling for a longer time period in which to collect as many dogs as possible.

Councillor. Declan O’loan commented “It is an excellent proposal. It is dealing with something that is a serious problem. It is a very practical way to deal with it.”

The controversial plans, which mirror a scheme that took place in Kansas last year, have upset many, including veterinary professionals and charity workers.

Chris Laurence, Dogs Trust Veterinary Director, said:

While we would never condone law-breaking by encouraging the continuation of a banned breed, we are totally opposed to euthanasia simply on the grounds of a dogs breed. Any dog who is actually a danger to the public, whatever breed they are, should be properly trained and kept under control, and suitable punishments and deterrents given to the owner for their dogs unacceptable behaviour. But we oppose the destruction of any dog simply because of his breed. A more humane and effective method of reducing the number of unwanted dogs generally is neutering, thus preventing further litters, and would also tackle the problem in the long-term.

The very excellent blog, Dog Politics, has a classic rant on this topic — Shooting Nigel Devine – N. Ireland Town To Kill Pitbulls. I would encourage you to check it out!

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