North Carolina Dog on Leash Murdered by Police

Let's get this out of the way right now; I am extrememly supportive of police. They have a hard job with tons of stress. Most...


Let’s get this out of the way right now; I am extrememly supportive of police. They have a hard job with tons of stress. Most of them are smart, dedicated people. That said, what motivated this idiotic reaction to a dog scrape?

Did the hospital report that the dog rampaged and ripped chunks of the guardian’s face off? What was said to the police to cause them to come out and shoot these dogs Mafioso-style?

Word to the Raleigh Police Chief — your guys have stepped in the bloddy doggy doo-doo up to THEIR cheekbones this time! Shooting a defenseless family pet while she was on a leash? That’s right up there on the evil scale with running over a baby in a high speed chase to get donuts! And on Christmas Day too! Way to go! The only way you could have fouled this up more would have been to gun down the rest of the family as well!

This news comes from ABC 11.

Note the updates at the bottom of the page.

Dog on Leash Shot in Head by Police

RALEIGH – The last thing Jennifer Walker expected to see outside her mother’s Raleigh home on Christmas was the sight of her sister, Meredith’s, dog covered in blood and fighting to stay alive.

Meredith Phillips wasn’t there at the time, she was on the way home from the emergency room, treating a cut on her cheek that she says came from her mother’s dog, Sadie by accident and not from Meredith’s dog.

Meredith commented, “Sadie woke up and she was startled because someone was in her face, and she didn’t bite me, she just went ruf ruf ruf! And I was right there.”

Regardless, the nurse said they were required to report any animal bite to animal control and before she’d even returned to her mother’s house from the Emergency Room on Christmas evening Meredith’s sister says police had already arrived, and unloaded.

Jennifer stated, “I screamed did you shoot our dog? The police officer said yes I shot your dog, and I said why are you here, why did you shoot our dog.”

The sisters believe the officer was following-up on reports of the animal bite from earlier. Why they fired at Truman, the chocolate lab, is still unknown.

Truman was rushed to the after hours vet, and they were able to save his life. The dog actually just returned home, and the family is celebrating with a welcome home party. Raleigh police will only tell us that this incident is all under investigation.

Follow this link to watch the video.

Update from News 14 Carolina — Policeman who shot Sadie and Truman identified.

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