Noodle the Aussie Dachshund Was Paralyzed But Walks Again

A brush with paralysis couldn't keep this Doxie down. He's a member of the UN for Dachshunds!


Unfortunately, because their spines have been bred to be long, Dachshunds often suffer from back issues and even paralysis.

But that’s not where Noodle’s problems started.

While Noodle watched his littermates all go to happy homes, his small size and frail health made him undesirable. He was such a petite pup that he could fit in the palm of someone’s hand. And that’s exactly what drew his human friend, Ewa, to him.

Noodle was Ewa’s first dog. As a veterinary nurse, she knew how to help him grow into a strong, healthy dog. Under Ewa’s expert care, Noodle became well enough to chase the family cat, Rajah, around their home in Australia. It appeared as though Noodle had dodged a bullet — he was the last pick of his litter, but was receiving first rate care.

However, when the Doxie was six years old, his breeding began to show. Reluctantly rising for his walk (formerly his most favorite thing ever), Noodle lost use of his left back leg, dragging it along as he stumbled toward Ewa. She rushed him to the vet immediately, and while the doctor saw to him, Noodle’s legs suddenly went limp — he was paralyzed. One of his spinal discs had ruptured. Another slipped disc, two surgeries, and months of physical therapy later, Noodle was able to walk again, albeit not with the same energy as he used to.

But since Noodle is such a positive pup, this didn’t slow him down! He has to wear a harness to help keep him in check. Fortunately, his harness doesn’t prevent him from doing his favorite thing: Acting as a representative for Pakistan in the United Nations of Dachshunds, where he advocates for the safety of all animals great and small … able and disabled.

It’s that kind of resilience in the face of adversity that makes Noodle our Monday Miracle.

Keep track of Noodle’s incredible work over at his Facebook page, where we got all these awesome photos.

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