No More Toilet Bowl Water for Me!

Hey Dogsters! Jake here. (Maria wanted me to clarify the author right away, lest you think she drinks toilet water.) Like many of my fellow...

Hey Dogsters! Jake here. (Maria wanted me to clarify the author right away, lest you think she drinks toilet water.) Like many of my fellow canine Dogster friends, I prefer to drink my water out of elevated bowls — toilet bowls, to be precise. It’s just so easy on the neck. My neck has been getting a bit arthritic lately, so for the last couple of years the toilet has been my favorite place to sip down some pure H2O. Unfortunately, Maria and the rest of the family strongly discourage this. They shut the door, or the bowl, or both, whenever they remember, which thankfully is not that frequently.

Then Maria heard that elevating my bowls would be a way to help my neck and keep my dog kisses from being tainted by eau d’toilet. So she got a cardboard box and put my bowls on it. I thought she was nuts, and when my ceramic bowl fell off and broke all over the tile kitchen floor, she retired the box idea. So off she went to Ikea, and came back with a cute but rather flimsy dog-bowl holder. As I was eating, it toppled over and l lost my dinner and drinks. I was too skittish to try dining on it again. Then she bought a beige plastic raised feeder, but it moved when I ate from it and so I stopped eating from it. If your table moved every time you took a bite, you might consider doing the same thing.

One day, out of the blue, she heard from the good people at a company called Baro Woodworks. They make exquisite, hand-made elevated pet feeders, from fine-quality hardwoods. They’re super attractive — nicer than most furniture in my house. The finish is a pet-friendly lacquer, so shiny I can gaze at myself while I’m eating. (Not a pretty sight.) They offered to make one for me to test out, and it arrived more than a month ago.

It was love at first bite. It’s sturdy, it’s beautiful, it’s a work of art, and all my friends are jealous. Best of all, my neck has never felt so good. I won’t eat from ground-level bowls any more if I can help it, and I have not once tried to drink from the toilet since we’ve had the feeder. These are not cheap — they range from $175 to $355 — but they will last your dog’s lifetime, and well beyond that. I know some readers will say that people should just give the money to an animal charity, but sometimes it’s just nice to treat yourself to something extra special. Maria likes the fact that my design of feeder has a nifty secret storage compartment below it. Check it out in the photo above or the video below.

If you are at all inclined to get one of these beauties, Baro has a special offer for just Dogster readers! Email them with your order request, and you’ll receive 15 percent off your order for the next six months! (Don’t order through the website because Paypal isn’t set up to calculate the discount.) Just email with the feeder you’d like, and mention “Dogster,” and they’ll write you back with a link to order with the discount. In addition, from now until Christmas, you’ll get free shipping within the US! That alone will save you up to $20, depending on the model.

I want to thank the people at Baro for making me a happier, healthier dog who is envied by my friends Moses and Benji. You can watch me in action below on the video that is paled out and echo-y. (Nice job, guys.) And don’t laugh when Maria puts the food down in front of me and I just stare at it blankly. I had a moment of being weirded out by the camera in my face as I was about to wolf down the kibble I was modeling with. You would, too.

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