No Girls Allowed

Or at least no girly dogs allowed. On Friday, November 29th Barbara Walters' hosted a special featuring an interview with the Obamas'. Barbara Walters' was...


Or at least no girly dogs allowed. On Friday, November 29th Barbara Walters’ hosted a special featuring an interview with the Obamas’.

Barbara Walters’ was talking about dogs, she has a non-allergenic terrier, a Havanese named Cha Cha. She showed a picture of her dog and then asked Obama the question everyone wants to know, what kind will he be getting, and he responded he didn’t want a “girly dog”. Clearly referring to Walters’ dog.

“It’s like a little yappy dog?” Obama asked Walters, foolishly ignoring his wife’s advice not to criticize.

“It, like, sits in your lap and things?” queried the skeptical president-elect.

Michelle, still trying to save her husband from himself, pronounced the dog “cute.”

Barack wasn’t buying it. “It sounds kind of like a…a girly dog,” he said, at which point his wife pointed out, “We’re girls. We have a house full of girls.”

Except for the, well, Top Dog, who forthwith issued an executive order. “We’re gonna have a big, rambunctious dog.”

First Obama starts wavering on getting a shelter dog and now he’s insulted little dogs, not the best move. Despite what he feels, some things are better left unsaid. Ruth Marcus, from the, has some funny commentary regarding the “no girly dog” comment.

As for you, Mr. President-elect, you might want to be careful. Remember, Hell hath no fury like a girl, or girly dog, scorned. Our bite can be even worse than our yappy little bark.

Give me a bark and let me know how you feel about Obama’s comment.

* Picture courtesy George Burns for ABC news.

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