News About the Dogs Rescued in Sopron, Hungary from “Dog Mengele”

If you've been a blog reader from the beginning you may remember the case of the approximately 150 dogs rescued form the man known as...

If you’ve been a blog reader from the beginning you may remember the case of the approximately 150 dogs rescued form the man known as the “dog Mengele” in Sopron, Hungary. While it seemed things were working out for these horridly abused dogs, news has come to me that the case seems to be stalled and the dogs are being marooned.

If you’re involved with a European shelter or rescue you should know to watch out for the abuser. As the report below mentions, he is visiting shelters looking for the dogs he abused and others. He wants to get back into his “research.”

Meanwhile, the rescuers and shelters who stepped up to care for these dogs are being left in the lurch by the authorities.


The Sopron Courts have once again postponed – for September the case that is now known as the case of “Dog Mengele”

Hungarian dog shelters have accommodated and cared for the dogs since March 2006!

The dog shelter in Gyr, where they have taken in 24 Sopron dogs is to be closed down, the dogs are to be moved without the help of the activists to an unknown destination, to unknown conditions!

According to the promises the costs were to be reimbursed but none of the shelters so far have been compensated for any costs except donations, the dogs were given to them without vaccinations or deworming!

We ask the Hungarian and foreign media, animal activists, animal lovers and prominent members of society to attempt to obtain an answer from the relevant officials to the following questions:

– Why were summary proceedings promised in the case when, on the contrary to this day, 5 months on the Sopron Court has not yet declared this person to be an animal torturer? Who is considered a torturer in Hungary today if not this person?
– How can someone in Hungary today commit such torture (there are 220 dogs involved) and still be unpunished?
– When will the fact be decreed and why are the expert opinions so far obtained still not enough to establish the fact of cruelty to animals? Why does the Court not take this into consideration?
– Why are the animal rights activists not allowed to have their own defence in the person of Dr Gyrgy Magyar, attorney at law, and not be represented by the prosecutor’s office? Why does the prosecutor appointed by the Court not cooperate with us?
– Why can’t 100-150 dogs be rehomed when originally only 50-60 dogs were permitted? How can such a person be the owner of the dogs to this day? How long can he continue showing up at the shelters and pestering the personnel?
– Why can the dogs not be neutered?
– Why has there been a pledge to reimburse costs? Who is going to pay?
– How long do the shelters, volunteers have to pay for the keep of these dogs?
– When can the dogs be homed?

So far thousands of people have thought that this person is a torturer, what more is necessary?

These are links to The Petition Site and the petitions in support of the Sopron Dogs

In Hungarian

In English

If anyone feels they would like answers to the above questions please send them to the following persons, people who could influence the outcome of the case, who could provide a solution, furthermore please forward it to relevant officials in the EU and to all animal loving people all over the world – this is what is happening in Hungary. Send a picture of a Sopron mudi or your own dog, perhaps seeing this they will realise that speaking about it is not enough, it is time for action!

Ferenc Gyurcsany, Prime Minister of Hungary
Supreme Court of the Republic of Hungary
Public Prosecutors Office
Jzsef Grf, Minister of Agriculture
DrKatalin Szili, Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament
Dr Viktor Orban, President of Fidesz

For more information on the Sopron Dogs check out the following links. Please note: many of the the pictures are horrifying so please be aware of that when clicking through the site.

Dogheart (photos)

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