New York Pit Bull in Danger of Being Returned to Alleged Abuser, Trial in Manhattan Monday, February 4th

PLEASE CROSSPOST!!!! If you're in the New York City area and have a little time to help prevent a travesty, I've got the place for...




If you’re in the New York City area and have a little time to help prevent a travesty, I’ve got the place for you to be on Monday. Pit Bull Anthony could use your help.

Anthony was allegedly badly abused and is in very real danger of being returned to the same alleged scumbag who allegedly beat him viciously over the course of a number of hours. The police rescued Anthony, who then was relegated to a back room while awaiting the trial of his alleged abuser.

During that time a caring woman stepped in and took Anthony home to live with her as her foster baby. And a miracle occured. Anthony responded and, in a loving home, learned that not all humans are evil and that he too could be loved by a human and the other pets in his foster home. Anthony has blossomed.

But now Anthony could be returned to the same hell he barely escaped once before.

As I read through the following information below and talked with people who know about the case, I asked myself some questions:

Why was this alleged abuser charged at less than a felony when he could have been charged with a felony?
Was Anthony’s alleged abuser part of the extensive NY dogfighting underworld?
Apparently the alleged abuser is not a man of means yet he has the funds to pay a lawyer to press his case to regain Anthony over the course of a year?
Does the New York Police department NOT understand that animal abuse and human abuse are part and parcel of the same behaviors?
Given that Anthony was taken from an alleged abuser in Harlem and the NY government is NOT apparently interested in prosecuting someone who shows an extremely strong sign of abuse towards other humans, does this mean the NYC government doesn’t really care that violence runs rampant in that neighborhood?

Anthony needs supporters at the Court House. But this goes beyond just Anthony, as important as his rescue is, according to some in the know, the outcome of this case could influence how future cases are prosecuted.

If you can’t be there to support a dog who needs all the help he can get, you can call the ADA’s office and let the office know we are watching this case. You can even ask why the alleged abuser was charged so minimally when he could have been charged under a felony.

If you call, PLEASE be respectful and polite. Here is the ADA’s contact information and the docket number:

Ayne Ducau 212-335-4016
docket # 2006 NY 068649

Please be advised that there is some upsetting information in the following information from Anthony’s supporters.

In October 2006, police responded to complaints from residents of a Harlem apartment building that sounds indicative of a severe dog beating had been going on for hours in a neighbors apartment.

They responded to the apartment of Michael Johnson who had allegedly thrown his dog against the wall and beat him for several hours. The dog, far right was taken to Manhattan Animal Care & Control where he was urinating blood and treated for severe internal injuries. He had multiple external scars as well.

Anthony spent 7 months in a cage at Manhattan AC&C while the case was pending and then finally released to a foster home where he has spent the last 10 months healing from physical and emotional scars.

The D.A.’s office has pressed misdemeanor cruelty charges against defendant Michael Johnson even though felony charges are available in cases of such severe abuse against companion animals. The reason for the leniency against the defendant is unknown.

Even worse than the leniency shown to a defendant who allegedly brutalized a dog nearly to death, is the fact that the judge may return the dog to his abuser. Under the misdemeanor statute #353 of the Agriculture and Markets act, not a part of the penal code, animals are considered property though they are deemed ‘special’ property with the ability to suffer.

The animal cruelty component of 353 should trump the property ownership provision but it is yet to be seen if Judge Neil Ross will rule this way. The defendant has waived his right to a jury trial.

The trial convenes Monday, February 4th in Manhattan Municipal Court. 100 Centre Street. 5th floor in the courtroom of Hon. Judge Neil Ross.

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