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We must have more fun and helpful groups on Dogster than anywhere! Dogsters have groups for everything! Looking for other dogsters who share a passion...


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We must have more fun and helpful groups on Dogster than anywhere!

Dogsters have groups for everything! Looking for other dogsters who share a passion for rock music, soccer or science fiction? Have a dog park and want a place where everyone can communicate? Want to meet other Dogsters from your country or city? Want to chat about dog sports like agility or flyball? Want to share information on particular diseases or just want someone who understands what you and your dog are going through? Want to share information with your rescuers and those who’ve rescued dogs from your group? Want to share information with regular customers of your store or other doggy business? Want to talk about how gorgeous and lovable your four-legged Dogsters are (and aren’t they all)? Want to just meet some interesting, friendly Dogsters? There’s a group for all of that. And if there isn’t, set one up!

Check out some of the newest groups!

Toronto, Ontario Doggy Group
toronto doggy group –A place to meet and greet people from all over toronto, but you dont have to live here to join…All are welcome

Here to wish you a Happy Holiday

animal parties
every person and animal is welcomed! — i will tell u tips and ideas for having an animal party

The Pups From Boston
Join Us, and you’ll be a true Boston pup — Any dog from Boston,Woster,Chinatown or areas around Boston our main criteria

Magical Moments
*MagicalDogs* — A group for all those sick, in need of prayers, and those who have passed away.

doggie chums
friends for life — all dogs rule others drool

TriColor Cavaliers~Don’t hate us cus We are Beautiful!
Welcome all Tricolor Cavaliers! — OOOO A Place for all the Beautiful Tricolor Cavaliers to Play!

We love Agility!
Agility is awsome! — We bark about all the great things in agility!

Gods, Goddesses and Royal Namesakes
Evolution and Reincarnation – Us!
We are cats and dogs who are named after Gods, Goddesses or Royalty

Treats for the dog soul
What we get in troulble for — For all dog lovers

Helping owners and pets – osteosarcoma — Group for canines with bone cancer

*Paws For Fun*
Join Us In Our Big Puppy Play Yard
Paws For Fun has so many different activities. We always change them around so we never get bored! There is something for everypup to do here at PAWS FOR FUN!

Loving our Family — Supporting each other during our Families illness

Dogs Against Animal Neglect
Everyone needs love and attention — Join the fight against animal neglect

Soccer Warriors
Balls should be ROUND!!! — For dogs who love soccer everywhere!!

Pagan Pets and Familiars
The first group for Pagan Pets! — The Pagan Pets needed a group! All welcome!

Christmas pups and cats
Welcome Christmas nuts! — For all pups, cats and humans who love Christmas!!

Aussie Dogs!
Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! — A Site Dedicated To Dogs From Down Under!

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