Naughty Puppy Club Announces August Barney Awards!

Now here's something almost all my dogs could compete for! Congratulations (I think) to this months' winner for committing the most dasterdly act! Nadiya wrote:...
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Barney Award-August

Now here’s something almost all my dogs could compete for! Congratulations (I think) to this months’ winner for committing the most dasterdly act!

Nadiya wrote:
The winner for Barney Award for the month of August for the Naughty Pup Club (NPC) is Sophie.

As you recall Barney was the guard dog who destroyed the teddy bears in England, including Elvis’ Teddy.

We also have 6 honorable mentions:
Jackie Poo

Here is the link to the awards.

The NPC has been in existence since August of 05, and we are one of the oldest groups on Dogster. We started out in the Dog of the week Forum and when HQ introduced Groups we gathered there, only to have problems keeping up because of the format. We then move the Group to the Other Barks and Woofs Forum, HQ introduced threads into the Groups and we have been there ever since. The Group has well over 200 members and is still growing. We will be selecting a dastardly deed each month For September, Sophie will pick the winner.

Thanks, Peggy and Nadiya

Sophie, NPC
And here’s what it says about this month’s winner, Sophie, NPC:

Sophie, NPC
When I was being a bratty pup, my mom was trying to drag/shove me out onto the balcony, and as soon as she got outside with me, I escaped and ran back in at the exact moment she was slamming (and accidentally locking) the door. It was mid-morning and all of her neighbors were at work. She had to sit there for over an hour until one of the apartment maintenance men walked by, yell down to him, wait for him to stop laughing, and wait for him to come back with a ladder. They couldn’t get the sliding glass door open, so they had to break it. I was napping on the sofa the whole time, BMTO.

Way to go Sophie, public humiliation, plenty of human stress and door breaking, congratulations!!!!

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