What Happens When We Work Like Dogs at Dogster HQ

We sleep under our desks, chew on things, and have treats for National Work Like a Dog Day -- and we've got the photos to prove it.

Last Updated on May 13, 2015 by Dogster Team

When The Beatles sing it’s been “A Hard Day’s Night” because they’ve been “working like a dog,” the implication — according to the song — is that dogs work very hard.

While some dogs might work very hard, most of the dogs I know are freeloading mutts who spend their days lying around and farting, which creates more work for me when I have to move my stuff out of the room because the stench is too oppressive to continue doing my job in the general vicinity. These dogs get fed home-cooked meals, lounge in luxury beds, receive endless toys and treats, and don’t have to pay rent or lift a paw to complete chores around the house. So “working like a dog” means, essentially, doing nothing, except what you want.

So today is National Work Like a Dog Day and yes, that’s a holiday, though not on the scale of Independence Day or Labor Day. We’re celebrating here at Dogster HQ nonetheless and, taking after the dog friends we know, we worked hard at hardly working.

Happy Work Like a Dog Day from Dogster!

What does working like a dog mean? It means …

Sleeping under your desk

Gnawing on a bone while reading important literature

More gnawing

Eating lunch very slowly (Though not by your own design)

Snack time!

Fighting over toys

Being adorable

How do you plan on working like a dog? Care to share any photos with us in the comments below?

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