Mutka and Luna Are Two Tongue-Tastic Great Danes From Finland


Over in Finland, a couple of Great Danes are lighting up the social media scene with their proudly goofy Instagram account. They’re called Mutka (a harlequin) and Luna (a merle), and they’ve become a hit thanks to their playful antics and exceedingly entertaining tongues.

Here’s their human, Krista, giving up the scoop on these rib-tickling pooches.

Room for one more

(Image via Instagram)
(Image via Instagram)

“I have always had dogs, and I’ve always liked big dogs,” says Krista. After officially welcoming Mutka into her family in June of 2014, she ended up adding to the pack with Luna. “I swear [people] thought I’m crazy when I had a 6-month-old Great Dane puppy already and then I got another one.”

“Crazy or not,” she adds, “that was the best decision I have made. It’s been a lot of work with two young dogs, but it has definitely been worth it. They’re best friends, and they do pretty much everything together.”

Twisted moon

(Image via Instagram)

When it comes to these canines’ names, Mutka received his moniker due to his slightly bent tail. “It’s Finnish and means ‘bend/twist,’” explains Krista. “Then Luna got her name for being moon-colored.”

Going on to talk about her pooches’ personalities, Krista calls Mutka “a happy, active, and energetic dog.” She adds that he’s friendly with everyone he meets — even cats and kids — and retains a puppy-like view of the world.

“Luna is a lot more calmer,” she says. “She’s really sweet and does like people, as well, but she’s more of a mommy’s girl, so to speak. She’s also friendly with everyone, but she definitely does not love everyone in the same way that Mutka does. And Mutka is the only dog with whom she loves to play with.”

Goofing off

(Image via Instagram)

Krista is proud to call her two Great Danes a couple of goofy pups. Here’s why:

“They do a lot of silly things together, like you may hear weird growling noises somewhere in the house, and when you go and look what’s happening, they can be lying on the bed playing pat-a-cake with their paws. I have been laughing numerous times when I’ve been watching them.”

More goofs!

(Image via Instagram)

Here’s some more oddball tricks from Mutka and Luna’s repertoire:

“They just lie on the rug and growl to each other, but not even touch. Sometimes Luna looks annoyed when she tries to sleep, and Mutka comes and starts slapping her face with his paw. That’s pretty funny, too.”


(Image via Instagram)

“Mutka and Luna are really close and the best of friends,” says Krista when asked to sum up their relationship. “Luna relies on Mutka for everything. I’m sure they’re happy that they have each other. Sometimes they might argue like brother and sister, but it’s never anything serious. It’s just pure love between these two.”

Tongue twisting

(Image via Instagram)

Some of the most striking pictures on Mutka and Luna’s Instagram account are the ones where their tongues take center stage. Put simply, these pooches are all about tongue power. (Mutka even has his own tongue-tastic T-shirt.)

But which Great Dane has the most champion tongue?

“I’ve seen Luna’s tongue, and I can tell you it’s pretty impressive,” rules Krista, “but I must admit, Mutka wins. I think it may be more outside than inside his mouth!”

Make sure to hit up Mutka and Luna’s Instagram account for more of their tongue twisting antics.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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