Morkie Puppy Performs a Paw-Stand While Chowing Down

The bowl is bigger than this pint-sized Morkie, who almost lets hunger get the best of him.


Perhaps because the bowl is just a little too deep for this petite puppy, or perhaps because he is an avid yoga fan (any time is a great time to practice meditative awareness of your body, right?), a routine meal suddenly becomes the object of “Awws” as this tiny pup performs a paw-stand while eating.

This little Morkie puppy named Teddy loves to eat (it’s essential for all that growing he’s about to do), so even the most mundane meal becomes an event. He’s so intent on becoming a strapping young dog that he performs pushups while he eats — that’s some serious multitasking.

We know that if we try to do handstands while we eat, it’s not a pretty sight. If someone turned a camera on us during lunch it would probably be the most boring thing in the world. But since Teddy is a puppy, he can do basically anything and it’s instantly adorable.

Just imagine all the things we could get away with if we were cute puppies! File our taxes late? Just make puppy eyes — extension granted. Forget to bring exact change on the bus? Just make puppy eyes — free ride. “Accidentally” eat our co-worker’s delicious leftovers? Just make puppy eyes — forgiveness granted.

Watch the video and learn the ways of cuteness.

Photo: Cute Morkie puppy snuggled in a pink blanket by

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