Cleft Lip, Split Nose, and a Partially-Developed Brain? It’s All Part of Myles’ Charm

Born with a host of issues, Myles is proving that cuteness comes in different shapes and sizes.


Some of us aren’t born with all are pieces intact. For instance, I was supposed to be the model height of 5’10”, jettisoning my career in fashion as I stomped the catwalks in Paris. But I was born lacking an entire twelve inches in stature. Bummer. But hey, now that I’m not busy being tall and glamorous, I can focus on writing these Monday Miracles! Truly a blessing in disguise.

So little Myles here was born with a cleft lip, a split nose, and part of his brain never fully developed, but his life is still amazing. He also had umbilical hernia, but that’s been fixed now. And that’s a good thing because the world would be pretty sad without Myles’ cuteness in it. Like Lentil the cleft palate French Bulldog, Myles teaches us that it’s important to embrace our differences.

His human friend is currently seeking treatment for some of his conditions, which would improve the quality of Myles’ life. As many of you know, vet care ain’t cheap, but Myles has a wonderful community helping him out.

If you’d like to find out more about Myles, check out his Facebook page, and tell him Dogster sent you.

All photos via Myles’ Facebook page

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