Momo the Eskie’s Superpower Is Bringing the Doggie Fun to Instagram


Let’s get familiar with Momo, an American Eskimo Dog who loves to ham it up for the Instagram lens. By combining super-slick and fun-loving pics with uplifting captions, she’s become a darling of the social media circuit. Here’s what you need to know about Momo’s story so far.

A family’s first pup

Image via Instagram.

When looking to adopt their first puppy, Momo’s family researched different breeds and set their sights on an American Eskimo.

It was a smart match.

“We picked her up from Southern California, and when she saw us for the first time she was extremely happy,” says her human. “It appeared as if she’d been waiting for us this whole time.”

Shy girl

Image via Instagram.

When it comes to Momo’s personality, her human calls her a “shy girl” and says it “takes her some time to show her affections.” Once Momo’s warmed up, though, she’s said to be super affectionate and playful to the people and pups in her world.

“She is very observant and protective of her space,” her human adds, “but she’s not the most barky type of dog.”

A real boundary pusher

Image via Instagram.

“Momo is a clever dog,” says her human, “and she knows how to push her boundaries, so it’s important that she’s reminded of her boundaries on an occasional basis.”

“She’s also stubborn and silly,” she continues, “and we always get a laugh from her goofiness. It’s actually really difficult to describe her personalty, because she’s a complicated girl.”

Super Momo

Image via Instagram.

If you take a trip through Momo’s Instagram gallery, you’ll come across pics of her dressed up in her superhero costume. When it comes to superpowers, it turns out Momo is all about using hers to chase fun times.

“Her superpower would be to show up instantly at any dog park of her choice so she can run and play with lots of other dogs,” says her human.

Nap like a pro

Image via Instagram.

All that superhero work can be so very tiring for a pup, so it’s only natural that Momo has developed into an exceptionally accomplished napper. Her tips for snoozing like a pro include making sure to always fill up your tummy before napping, being certain to search out the best spot in the house at any given time of day, and always curling up like an Arctic fox.

Oh, and most important of all: “Smile during the nap.”

Introducing the monkey

Image via Instagram.

If you look closely at Momo’s online pics, you’ll catch a stuffed monkey making cameos on her photostream.

“She knows the monkey is not her chewing toy because it’s different from her other toys,” says her human, who’s also the guardian of the monkey.

“Momo’s favorite toy is actually a toy tiger,” she continues. “She treats that toy as her best friend and brings the toy tiger to all sorts of places around the house. It’s really cute!”

Follow along with Momo’s adventures over at her Instagram account.

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