Can Molly Mutt’s Crate Cover Give an Ordinary Dog Kennel Fashion Sense?

Ace transforms her ugly crate into a stylish haven.


Ace used to sleep in her crate (a fancy word for kennel) whenever she was home alone. For a long time, the crate lived in my bedroom, and I covered it with an old blanket to make it cozy. When the house next door underwent a massive renovation, construction crews worked loudly for 12 hours every day. Ace became afraid to get in her crate because my bedroom shares a wall with the house next door. I moved the crate into the living room, and suddenly that old blanket made Ace’s crate an eyesore.

I had a very difficult time finding a crate cover that is attractive, modern, and affordable. I was ready to break out my sewing machine and jury-rig a serviceable cover. Thankfully, I discovered Molly Mutt, which is known for its duvet covers that you can stuff with your own clothing or blankets. Molly Mutt offers coordinating crate covers and even collars and leashes, all in a line of bright, fun fabrics. I’m a big fan of my Molly Mutt crate cover ($40 to $80 depending upon size).

Molly Mutt’s crate covers come in four sizes that match the dimensions of standard crates. Ace uses a crate by Midwest, which measures 24-inches long by 18-inches wide by 19-inches high. The size small crate cover fits almost perfectly.

My absolute favorite part of the Molly Mutt crate cover is the fantastic fabric design, called Title Track. The green color is vivid and modern. The soft cotton crate cover is machine washable, and it is recommended you line dry it. I’ve read other product reviews that indicated the cover will shrink if you put it in the dryer, so I always line dry mine and have not had any problems. I also like the thoughtful accents that make the Molly Mutt crate cover feel upscale. The suede-like piping and dark silver-tone buttons match nicely with the fabric and cover design.

Molly Mutt crate covers feature two panels -– one on the long side, one on the short side –- which roll up to expose the crate door. The panels that roll up match the placement of the two doors on my crate. Some of the photos on the Molly Mutt website show the rolled-up panels being held with a black strap that buttons to the adjoining side. My particular cover’s panel actually snaps onto itself in two places.

While I like the look of the rolled panel, I have found that it is impractical for the design of my crate doors, which extend all the way to the top of the crate. The roll blocks the smooth opening and closing of the door. I found a simple solution to this problem: I simply tuck the panel underneath the crate cover. The piping masks the hidden panel completely.

To keep the panels closed around the crate, my cover includes short black straps at the bottom corners that snap one panel into the adjacent panel. When I was considering purchasing this cover, other product reviews indicated that some chew-happy dogs had pulled these straps inside the crate and gnawed them off, creating a choking hazard. Ace has never attempted to do this. If you are concerned, you could trim off the straps, since they are not necessary to keep the cover from hanging correctly over the crate.

Molly Mutt’s crate and duvet covers can be monogrammed for a personalized touch. Although I have not sampled the Molly Mutt duvet covers, I have a bit of a crush on the range of fun patterns to choose from. The idea of stuffing the bed with the comforting odors of your old clothes is unique and sweet. There is even a water-resistant liner you can purchase to protect your clothes from doggie-borne liquids.

Dogster Scorecard for Molly Mutt’s crate cover

  • Quality: My Molly Mutt crate cover has held up to numerous trips through the washing machine (skip the dryer), and it still looks bright and tidy.
  • Style: Molly Mutt gets an A+ for its fantastic fabrics.
  • Function: Panels that roll up are a unique and attractive feature, though depending upon the design of your crate it might be better to tuck the panels out of the way.
  • Creativity: Molly Mutt’s combination of modern fabrics and a simple design makes this crate cover stand out from the meager competition.
  • Value: A ratty old blanket might be cheaper, but if you’re looking for a stylish, fitted crate cover, I think the cost is worthwhile.

Bottom line

Pretty crate covers are hard to find, but Ace and I simplified your search by clueing you in to the wonders of Molly Mutt.

Dogster readers, how you do make your dogs’ crates more comfortable? Your dog certainly doesn’t care whether her crate is covered with an old towel, so do you? Share your experiences in the comments!

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