Minnesota County Approves 500 Adult Dog Breeding Facility for Puppy Miller Gary McDuffee

That's right, 500! 500 adult dogs to be bred in one facility! And who do you think this leftover sludge of a man is going...


That’s right, 500! 500 adult dogs to be bred in one facility! And who do you think this leftover sludge of a man is going to sell these dogs to? You guessed it! The Hunte Corporation and all those slimy pet stores that sell dogs at jacked up prices to people who don’t realize they are buying a dog conceived in greed and born in the pit of human evil.

What were these commissioners thinking? 500 adult breeding dog facility? Did they think he was selling these dogs for meat? 500 dogs is an institutional farm, not a kennel! There are dairy farms in Minnesota that have fewer milking cows! Have they lost their minds or simply been paid off by Morrison? And here I was thinking people in Minnesota had better sense than this! I know our Minnesota Dogsters do but what the dickens is going on?

PETA, you want a target to protest? May I suggest you check this one out for your next peaceful protest outing? Its a small county and this monstrosity shoudn’t be too hard to find.

Thanks to the StarTribune.com for revealing this evil piece of work in this article.

Morrison County approves permit for 500 breeding-dog kennel

LITTLE FALLS, Minn. Morrison County commissioners have approved a permit that allows Gary McDuffee to open a dog-breeding operation with up to 500 adult breeding dogs.

Commissioners did attach 13 conditions to the permit, which cuts 100 dogs from the number McDuffee had been allowed under an earlier permit.

The permit also requires McDuffee to set aside one-sixth of his indoor space as an exercise area for the dogs, says he must not debark the dogs or use shock collars and must plant trees along part of his property to cut down on noise.

The county added conditions to the permit after the Minnesota Court of Appeals ordered the board to revisit the issue following public complaints.

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