Minnesota Pomeranian-Poodle Mix Honey Held for Ransom, Threatened with Murder

How terrible! What an evil man! If anyone has any clue as to where this futbaby is, please contact the Coon Rapids police. Also, if...


How terrible! What an evil man! If anyone has any clue as to where this futbaby is, please contact the Coon Rapids police. Also, if anyone knows where we can donate funds for the ransom, please bark in!

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Coon Rapids woman’s dog missing; caller demands $500 ransom or dog dies
Pioneer Press
Article Last Updated: 01/11/2008

Shirley Garner said the first call demanding ransom for her missing puppy came Jan. 2.

“‘I have your dog. I like this dog,’ he’d say,” Garner recounted. “‘Give me $500 or she dies.’ ”

The 72-year-old Coon Rapids woman said her Pomeranian-poodle mix, named Honey, disappeared a few days before Christmas. She reported Honey missing Dec. 27, telling police the dog ran out of the house when someone opened the door.

Hoping someone had found or spotted the nearly 1-year-old puppy, Garner posted signs around the city listing her number and waited for good news.

“We were kind of getting used to the idea that she was gone when this crazy man began calling us,” Garner said.

The calls aren’t always the same, but the following usually happens:

– The caller says he has Honey.

– The caller says Honey is now his dog.

– The caller will hang up and then call back demanding $500 in ransom or he’ll kill the dog.

– The caller won’t answer questions.

Since Jan. 2, Garner has received about 10 phone calls from the male caller, who she describes as having a Middle Eastern accent.

Police have no suspects; Garner does not have caller ID and said the calls are coming from a blocked number.

Authorities aren’t sure what to make of this.

“There have been no specific arrangements made as far as how to transfer the dog and money,” said Coon Rapids Deputy Chief Tim Snell said. “We can’t tell if this is some kind of a scam where he is trying to extort money or if this is just harassing phone calls.”

Garner said she’s pretty sure the caller doesn’t have Honey, but that during one call she did hear what sounded like a dog whining in the background.

“It’s awful. We miss her,” she said. “We got a kitten to keep her company … even the cat misses her.”

Garner said Honey was a gift from her son, and that the puppy was only 2 months old when she joined the family.

“She is overly friendly and … was adored by everyone,” Garner said.

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