Menu Pet Downplaying Recall Threat

I come again bearing bad news. It looks like the amount of tainted food is worse that the companies are saying. No definite facts or...


I come again bearing bad news. It looks like the amount of tainted food is worse that the companies are saying. No definite facts or numbers but a whole lot of pets who ate the affected brands killed by or suffering from organ failure.

Menu is trying to downplay the threat and saying they don’t know what happened. They say they don’t know where the poisoned wheat gluten came from (which I don’t buy). Let’s compare this to the Diamond recall last year where Diamond immediately jumped into action, recalled everything and almost immediately reported where their problem came from and what they were doing to keep it from happening again. Menu is doing nothing like that.

1– they keep saying it is only a few (10 or 12) pets that are affected. I seriously doubt that as I hear from pet parents all over the US. Current unofficial estimate could range as high as 1000 pets affected.

2– They say they aren’t able to find the problem then they blame it on wheat gluten that seems to have appeared from nowhere with no source. Huh? Aren’t they supposed, to by regulation or law, keep track of every ingredient in every lot? Diamond had no problem pinpointing their toxic ingredient in a few days.

3– Menu is still producing pet food and shows no sign of concern that they may be poisoning thousands of dogs and cats. If they really don’t know what caused the problem, shouldn’t they shut down until the source is identified. This lack of apparent common sense suggests two possibilities to me– either Menu mangement DOES know where the taint came from and just does not want to say OR Menu doesn’t care where the taint came from and hopes we’ll all get too distracted by something else to forget to lean on the companies for which Menu makes all that tainted food.

4 –The stores carrying Menu products however are showing much more responsibility. Many of them are pulling Menu products off the shelves as fast as possible. Some are even pulling lots that have not been definitely identified as tainted. Do they know something we don’t? Like maybe they and we cannot trust ANY Menu foods? Just a thought.

So why write this? To urge you to show extreme caution in feeding ANYTHING coming out of a Menu factory. Menu has shown no signs that they really care about the poisoned products and have shown definite disregard for canine and feline health. I for one will have nothing to do with ANY brand that can be tracked back to Menu. Their sin is not in having a recall (though that’s obviously NOT a good thing). Their sin is in not acting fast enough when there was any hint or whiff of a problem. I’m afraid that may prove to be much earlier than January and much after way too many dogs and cats have suffered painful, needless deaths.

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