How Pack’s Megan Casey is Connecting People Who Love Dogs


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Dog lovers are a special breed. (An amazing breed, in our opinion, and since you’re here, you may just agree.) We love our dogs and our friends’ dogs and our relatives’ dogs and our neighbors’ dogs and strangers’ dogs in a way that non-dog lovers will just never understand. We want to meet them, find out their names, ask how old they are, play with them, and even give them belly scratchies, if they’ll let us. And when we go out into the world, without or without our dogs, we want to talk about them. Share pictures. Tell a funny story about them. Celebrate milestones. Yes, we dog lovers are a special breed indeed.


What’s baffling is that not everyone loves dogs in the way that we do. You know who we’re talking about — your weird friend who didn’t “like” all of the pictures of Spot you shared on Facebook yesterday. And so what if it was an entire album of his day at the beach? Did you see how cute he looked splashing in the waves? That’s where Pack, a site that’s just “for dogs and the people who love them,” comes in.

Megan Casey, CEO and founder of Pack, had the idea for a site where people could celebrate their dogs with likeminded people a few years ago. She started noticing how many people were posting pictures of their dogs on social networks, that people were searching out dog-friendly vacation spots, and also just how often she, personally, bonded with colleagues and even strangers by sharing pics of their furry animal members.


Luna, an elegant, stubborn 74-pound Rhodesian Ridgeback, is Megan’s dog. Or, perhaps we should say Megan is Luna’s person. It’s fair to say that without Luna, Pack may never have been invented. After all, when Megan was stressed out and working too hard at her previous gig, it was Luna who reminded her every couple hours that it was time to get off of the computer and go outside. Luna was the reason Megan took time to slow down and take a moment not just for Luna, but for herself. It was on walks with Luna that Megan started really figuring out what Pack was going to be and how it was going to work. Luna, one could say, is the Pack muse. (No pressure, Luna!)

You can find Luna (and Megan) on Pack and follow along with their adventures. You’ll quickly see that Luna is highly motivated by treats, loves Megan’s adorable daughter, and counts “curling up under the blanket” amongst her favorite activities.

The best part is that with Pack, even if you’re away from your pup, you’re just a click away from a treasure trove of dog smiles, yawns, naps, and sits. With Pack there’s always a dog by your side. And isn’t that just how life should be?

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