Meet Sebastian and Luna, Two Sweet and Stylish D.C. Dogs on Instagram


Sebastian and Luna are all about “reppin’ the nation’s capital.” That responsibility is claimed up front on their Instagram account, which showcases these two pups simultaneously looking great while going on missions to “give back to street and shelter dogs.”

Now that you know their names, let’s find out their story.

Out of heartbreak comes hope

The story of Sebastian and Luna begins after their owner’s former dog of 16 years passed away. “It was time to fall in love again,” she says of the decision to add a couple of new pooches to her life.

“Luna is a Western pup from Arizona, and Sebastian is from Ohio,” she continues, adding that Luna arrived first and got settled in her new forever home in D.C. before Sebastian joined her. She adds that the drive to collect Sebastian “was full of anticipation,” but once she picked him up, that soon turned into “a bunch of firsts that I could hold onto forever.”

Introducing Luna

“Luna is an absolute sweetheart,” says her owner, before adding the disclaimer that she could definitely get scrappy if she was called on to hold her own.

“She’s a total artiste when the camera’s up, but when off-set she can be rolling in the grass, attempting to grab a soccer ball, or even skateboarding,” she says, listing Luna’s talents. “She’s totally a smart cookie and loves to show it off.”

And here’s Sebastian!

“Happy-go-lucky” is the phrase that Sebastian’s owner says first comes to mind when describing this pooch. She adds that he’s “worry free and embraces it completely.”

When it comes to Sebastian’s hobbies, she says that he loves to “explore anything that moves suspiciously, from his perspective,” with the intention of discovering the answers to exactly what a squirrel is thinking when it decides to move in or out of Sebastian’s zone.

An old married couple

Summing up Sebastian and Luna’s dynamic, their owner calls them “an old married couple.” Explaining more, she adds, “They don’t have much to worry about, except for themselves. Each day is new to them so they definitely never get sick of being together — they take each adventure day by day and always find something to smile about.”

“Their adventures started with one another so it would be impossible for them to do something without each other,” she says.

Lights, camera, stubbornness!

Luna and Sebastian are pros when it comes to posing for the camera — although on occasion “Sebastian can be stubborn, mainly stemming from having to do long photoshoots.” With a sarcastic laugh, their human adds, “Problems of a first-world Instadog.”

Canine diners

When it comes to chow sessions, Luna and Sebastian love nothing more than to embrace “full bowls of food” spiked with “pumpkin treats.” They make for quite the sophisticated dining pair.

A fashionable couple in love

As you zip through Luna and Sebastian’s Instagram pics, you’ll notice that these pups love to dress up. As their owner puts it, “Simply put, they are fashionistas in love in D.C.”

Presidential pups

Earlier this year, Sebastian and Luna were caught waiting outside the White House, while a caption to the picture joked that they were wondering if the president’s dogs, Bo and Sunny, could come out to play.

Well, what if that scenario came true?

For a start, this four-dog playdate would kick off with an expansive game of hide and seek in the White House Rose Garden.

“If this game didn’t suit them enough, they’d have a great time exploring their home city with Sebastian and Luna as magnificent tour guides,” adds their owner. “Sunny and Bo would get to see the greatest fields to let loose in, awesome art places to take pictures in, take a bite in the most dog-friendly restaurants in D.C., and, if they were feeling really adventurous, take on the Potomac river rafting, canoeing, or just simply riding the river out.”

Then it would be a case of the quartet claiming their matching “Best Friends” T-shirts before heading home.

Giving back

Sebastian and Luna might be big hits on the social media circuit, but they use their status to help bring awareness to animal rights. Their owner says that they’ve already raised $3,500 for local shelters.

When it comes to their mission statement, she adds that Sebastian and Luna would like to see “more pups on their path, more humans with leashes in one hand and treats in the next,” and that their grand message would be “to spread the concepts of pure love, companionship, and friendship that culminate in cynophilia.”

Hurry on over to Sebastian and Luna’s Instagram account to check out more of this lovable dynamic duo.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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