Meet Ozzy, a Beach-Loving Jack Russell and Budding Instagram Star


Ozzy is a 4-month-old Jack Russell Terrier who lives in Portugal. He was scooped up by his owner, Margarida, after her friend’s dog, Maria, had a litter of four puppies. “He was the only one with black spots — all the others only had brown ones,” she says.

Now that Ozzy is settled in his forever home, this beach-loving pooch documents his adventures on his Instagram account. Let’s get to know Ozzy a little better.

Here’s Ozzy

Photo via Instagram.

Being a Jack Russell, Ozzy is all about embracing his diminutive stature. “I guess his size and personality fits with my lifestyle,” says Margarida.

“I know I live in an apartment, but I’m pretty sure Ozzy is as happy as if he lived in a house. He goes outside and runs on the grass multiples time a day, while on weekends he goes to the beach whenever the weather is good.”

Life’s a beach

Photo via Instagram.

Talking of the beach, it seems Ozzy is a big fan of heading off on sandy adventures. “He completely loves it,” says Margarida. “I guess it might be the sense of freedom he gets on the beach — the idea of running with no destination in mind, all the sand, and the winter sticks that come ashore.

“For Ozzy, sand, sticks and balls would be the ultimate beach party essentials — and of course some fur friends!”

What’s in a hole?

Photo via Instagram.

One of the most popular pics on Ozzy’s Instagram account stars him buried deep in an epic beach hole. It turns out the shenanigan took place on his very first beach visit.

“In Portugal it is winter, so it is a little bit cold for going to the beach, so we only took him when the weather was nice and he had all his vaccines to be safe,” explains Margarida.

“At first he did not show any interest in digging, but when he started he could not stop! I guess in his mind he was thinking, ‘This sand never ends!’ or ‘I have to find the bottom of this hole!’”

A happy chap

Photo via Instagram.

Margarida describes Ozzy as being “always happy.” She says, “He is very energetic in the evening but very lazy in the morning — you look at him, and you can see a very sleepy puppy after waking up.”

It also seems Ozzy is a smart pooch who’s taken to learning his commands with gusto.

“I have successfully taught him how to sit, to get up, to lie on the floor, to roll over, to give both paws individually, and to wait for the treat while looking at it. I guess it’s pretty nice for a 4-month-old stubborn Jack Russell!”

Soccer pup

Photo via Instagram.

Like Margarida and her boyfriend, Ozzy is a proud supporter of the soccer team FC Porto — and a pic of him pledging his allegiance to the team was reposted by the club’s official Instagram account. “It was a very happy surprise,” says Margarida, “and it’s an honor even when our team is not in first place.”

That being so, is there any chance of Ozzy stepping up and attempting to become FC Porto’s official mascot?

“Well, the club’s mascot is a dragon,” explains Margarida, “but maybe he could be considered the spokesdog of all the FC Porto dog fans. He would look very appealing, and it’s funny to see a dog supporting a sports team.”

Can he kick it?

Photo via Instagram.

While Ozzy might be looking to carve out a career for himself as a soccer spokesdog, he’s not likely to be suiting up and taking part in a game anytime soon.

“He’s not shown a lot of interest in actually playing football,” says Margarida, before adding that he is besotted with balls of all shapes and size. “He goes completely crazy for them, and he’ll even play by himself.”

Although there are parts of the game that Ozzy still has to master: “He likes to play fetch, but he is still learning how to retrieve the ball. He knows how to go after it, but bringing it back and giving it to the person is a whole other story …”

Head over to Ozzy’s Instagram account to check in with his latest adventures.

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