Meet Archibald Brindleton, a French Bulldog and Rising Social Media Star


Archibald Flubberford Brindleton is a brindle-black French Bulldog who’s fast becoming a hit on the social media scene. When not fulfilling his responsibilities as the CEO of the Archie Brindleton Incorporational Companybusiness — which includes “broadcasting his message of relentless positivism and kindness on Facebook, his blog, Twitter and Instagram” — you can find him exploring the parks of London, Ontario, and inventing his own quirky vernacular.

Here’s your formal introduction to Mr Brindleton.

A soothing soul

So handsome. (Image via Instagram)

Archie hooked up with his human mum and pop when he was 5 and a half months old. His new pop had lost his former dog, a Whippet named Lux, under what he says were “tragic and violent circumstances,” and he didn’t only feel wounded — he found himself suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, which made it “hard to be close to dogs.”

Happily, he fell in love with Archie at first sight thanks to “his extremely gentle nature.” Better yet, Archie helped Pop overcome his trauma.

“Both Mum and I feel that Archie has been the single greatest gift and source of joy and happiness in our lives,” he says.

What’s in a name?

Let’s do this. (Image via Instagram)

Intrigued about the origin of this pooch’s grandiose moniker?

Well, it turns out that originally Archibald Flubberford Brindleton was going to be blessed with a French-inspired name — something like Jean-Pierre Baguette, according to Pop — but after he met him it became apparent that this was not a canine who swings to the French side.

Instead, Pop says, “When we first met him and got to hold him in our arms, Archie ‘told’ his Mum what his first name was and ‘told’ me what his last name was. His middle name came later.”

Archie’s former nannies were of British heritage and used to cradle him while watching reruns of old British sitcoms. (If he was forced to suffer through Last of the Summer Wine, then he might well have a form of PTSD himself.) That accounts for the formal-sounding nature of his title, while Brindleton is inspired by his brindle coat.

As for Flubberford? That relates to “how handsome and flubbery he is,” what with his “magnificent wrinkles.”

He’s lovin’ it

A positive pup. (Image via Instagram)

When it comes to Archie’s personality, Pop says he’s a fun, innocent, and excitable pooch who loves life and is “excited by the world around him and his place in it.”

“I like to say that Archie’s personality sits exactly halfway between Calvin (from the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes) and Winnie the Pooh,” he continues. “He’s more excited and playful than Pooh, but more introspective and sensitive than Calvin.”

Park life

Give me a push. (Image via Instagram)

If you’ve been following Archie on Facebook, then you’ll be aware of his grand quest to visit all 433 parks in his home city of London, Ontario, in Canada. At the time of writing, Archie has managed to visit and review a whopping 410 of them.

“Once the list has been exhausted, we hope to have him officially recognized by the city as London’s parkmaster general,” says Pop. “Then he will start visiting more and more parks beyond his home town in hopes of becoming the parkmaster general for all of Canada.”

What’s a Brindleterm?

So smart. (Image via Instagram)

When he’s not gallivanting through London’s parks, you can find Archie coming up with his own distinct slang, which he names Brindleterms.

You can find a glossary of the words on his website, but highlights include “goober dingus” (a foolish or unlikable person), “lookingmarbles” (the globe of an eye), and “snugglesnort” (to cuddle for comfort while “simultaneously forcing the breath through the nostrils with a loud, contented sound”).

Check out more of Archie’s world over at his Facebook page.

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