Maymo the Beagle Loves His Christmas Present: 210 Empty Water Bottles

What do you get the dog who has everything? How about 210 empty water bottles to gleefully destroy and shred?

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When I was a kid, one of the best things about Christmas presents was when they came in bubble wrap. Sure, I got some really cool stuff over the years, both from my parents and “Santa,” but even the charm of the remote-control robot had its limits. There was always something satisfying about destroying the small bubbles of plastic. Still is, actually.

So, I feel a kind of kinship watching Maymo the lemon Beagle tear into a huge pile of water bottles in the video below. There is always something really fun about getting a license to cause chaos. If there’s something that I can still appreciate about the season, it’s being able to cut loose with unbridled glee, just like you see here.

The other thing that’s charming about the video is that you can, if so inclined, spend huge amounts of money on Christmas presents for your dog, just as with any other member of your family. But as Maymo enthusiastically demonstrates, sometimes the cheap stuff is all that’s needed.

Actually, I foresee that based on this video, some enterprising crafter on Etsy could come up with organic, artisanal water bottle dog toys that you can buy for $50 per dozen, but that would just be missing the point.

In reviewing some of Maymo’s other videos about this time last year, Liz Acosta noted that Maymo could very well be a cat in a Beagle costume.

You can definitely see that touch of feline here, in the way that Maymo initially approaches the massive stack of bottles. He nudges it gently with his nose, scampers away when they tumble to the ground, but then just can’t keep from coming back for further investigation. Finally, of course, he vanquishes the pile of bottles, bravely tearing into them with tooth and claw. I bet there was a lot of shredded plastic to sweep up after all of this was done, but that’s part of the holiday season too, isn’t it?

Via Maymo’s YouTube page.

Top photo: Plastic water bottles in the trash heap. by Shutterstock.

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