Mariners’ Ichiro Suzuki Consults His Dog Ikky Before Signing $90 Million Contract

Maybe it's time to watch more baseball! Here's an athlete we can support! BTW, wouldn't you like to have been there during Suzuki's discussion with...

Joy  |  Jul 23rd 2007


Maybe it’s time to watch more baseball! Here’s an athlete we can support!

BTW, wouldn’t you like to have been there during Suzuki’s discussion with Ikky about the contract?

Thanks to Yukiko for barking in this news from the Tucson Citizen.

‘Ruff’: Ichiro’s dog helps seal extension
The Associated Press

SEATTLE – It was a great week to be Ichiro Suzuki.
The Seattle leadoff man signed a $90 million, five-year contract extension Friday, three days after he was the MVP of the All-Star game.

The deal ensures the Mariners, enjoying their best season in four years, will not lose their franchise cornerstone to free agency this fall. Instead, they will keep the seven-time All-Star and perennial Gold Glove outfielder under contract until age 39.

When asked whose counsel he valued most during contract negotiations that began in January, he said, “Ikky, my dog.”

“He said, ‘Ruff, ruff, ruff,”‘ a smiling Suzuki said through an interpreter. “That means, ‘Stay, stay, stay.”‘

Seattle won the bidding to sign him to come, come, come out of Japan before 2001. Then the Mariners signed him to an extension in 2004 that is paying him $11 million this season.

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