Man Wants to Change His Name to “Boomer the Dog”

Anyone old enough to remember a TV show called Here's Boomer, about a dog who strayed about the U.S. helping people in need? Here's the...

Anyone old enough to remember a TV show called Here’s Boomer, about a dog who strayed about the U.S. helping people in need? Here’s the general feel and tone of the show, which ran on NBC for two seasons in 1980.

It makes The Love Boat look positively brilliant (although I must say the real Boomer is pretty darn cute, and talented). I’m told Boomer had his share of fans, especially when he started talking with the viewing audience about his feelings. But the show didn’t have legs, and certainly hasn’t made it into longterm pop culture status.

Boomer the Dog, in human form (Photo: AP)

That hasn’t stopped a 44-year-old Pennsylvania man from trying to change his name from Gary Guy Mathews to Boomer the Dog. Mathews, or perhaps soon in the future, Mr. Dog, is not just a fan of Here’s Boomer. He’s a furry fan too. What’s a furry fan? I was afraid you’d ask. After reading about it on a website dedicated to Anthrocon, a convention dedicated to the enjoyment of various forms of anthropomorphism, I’m still not so clear. Here’s the source, if you want to figure it out for yourself.

It seems Mr. Dog (we will call him this in anticipation of his request being granted) attends Anthrocon and other functions in his Boomer costume. According to an AP story, his late parents called him Boomer, and so do his friends. A Pittsburgh judge will soon decide if he can legally change his name to Boomer the Dog. The judge said he could decide against the name change if it results in “unintended consequences” like being “seen as bizarre.”

If the judge grants his wish, Boomer the Dog will be joining the ranks of Steve Kruescher, now known as “In God We Trust” (“In God” is his first name, “We Trust” is his last), Jennifer Thornburg, now legally “,” and Daniel Westfallen, who legally goes by the name “Happy Adjustable Spanners.”

Update: Mathews won’t officially be Mr. Dog after all — at least not yet. Click here for our story about the judge’s ruling.

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