Man Blames Dog for Starting a Fire He Started

Dog mutely accepts the accusation, but investigators find out the truth.


We dogs get blamed for all kinds of things. Maria’s been collecting stories for years about dogs taking the heat for murders, car accidents, and broken dishes.

It’s easy to blame dogs. We can’t talk. We can’t say, “THAT jerk did it, not ME!” We just sit there mutely, trying to look as innocent as we usually are, but with the accusations of some liar tainting our otherwise unimpeachable character.

I bet the dog of a Western Pennsylvania man wishes he could kick his owner’s tail for the doozy the dog got the blame for. I understand pointing the finger at the dog for flatulence, or even for eating the last few cookies from the package on the counter. But this guy blamed his dog for something big: starting a fire in his apartment.

According to CBS News, 58-year-old John Saparo pointed the finger at his dog for causing a blaze that wrecked his apartment. He told officials he was cleaning and had a bunch of fans going, and the dog walked by and tipped over a fan, causing a spark that led to the fire.

But Saparo didn’t realize that fire investigators are very savvy. With what they find at the scene of a fire, they can often put together the real truth of how it started. Sometimes dogs are involved in the investigation. Trained dogs can sniff out fire accelerants. We dogs are so cool.

Since the investigation, the blame is off the innocent dog. Fire officials have accused Saparo of setting the blaze. The guy is even in jail now, waiting for a June 20 hearing.

And as much as his dog should be mad at him for the accusation, he’s probably just waiting for his man to come home so he can greet him and snuggle up to him with all the unconditional love he can offer.

(Lab photo via Shutterstock)

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