Malaysian Dog Joy Savaged, Then Saved

This is a horrible story but there is hope that good can come from this atrocity. This article comes from The Star. Outpouring of sympathy...


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This is a horrible story but there is hope that good can come from this atrocity.

This article comes from The Star.

Outpouring of sympathy for little dog Joy

The story of Joy a little black dog whose jaw was surgically removed after he was almost beaten to death has become a symbol of hope for all animals out there. Through Joy, the Furry Friends Farm and Independent Pet Rescuers are calling on the government to support their public education projects to raise awareness on animal rights.


HIS suffering has not been in vain. Since news of Joy, the little black dog that lost his jaw after being beaten almost to death by a group of Indonesian workers was reported in the newspaper, The Star and the Furry Friends Farm (FFM) where Joy is recovering has been inundated with letters, emails and phone calls from people of all walks of life.

Many were appalled and shocked to read about Joys plight and wanted to meet him.

On Saturday, FFM and Independent Pet Rescuers (IPR) held a gathering for Joy at the Kanteen Cafe in Plaza Damas whereby members of the public turned up in droves bearing gifts for Joy.

Teddy bears, soft toys, dog food as well as tonnes of love and kisses were showered on Joy.

Many lined up for over an hour just to get a glimpse of Joy and see how he was doing

Others could not help but touch and pet him saying soothing words of love and encouragement.

Seven-year-old Tristan Cheng read about Joy in The Star and wanted to meet him.

Eyes welled with tears Tristan touched Joys paw and said Please get well soon” as he contributed RM100 from his savings for Joys medical needs.

Joys jaw was surgically removed after he was almost beaten to death.

It took two vets over two hours to operate on Joy but at the end of the day doctors were not able to save his jaw.

Nestled on Sabrina Yeaps lap with his head on her bosom Joy still welcomed the touch of humans despite the cruelty rendered to him.

Yeap, managing partner of FFM who rescued Joy said: Joy is more relaxed now but his heartbeat thumps like a drum whenever people come near him.

Hes still afraid and its going to take some time before he can completely trust humans, Yeap said.

Joy will never be able to eat solid food again, to fetch a ball to play catch but at least he will be safe, said Yeap.

On Dec 2, Yeap rescued Joy at the Ki-Park Sri Utara construction site belonging to developer, Kepong Industrial Park Sdn Bhd (KIP Group).

Joys lower jaw was dangling and his tongue was hanging out.

Two eyewitnesses said they had seen him being beaten by Indonesian foreign workers who kept calling the dog haram as they continuously beat it.

Joys lower jaw was so badly injured but the tongue was saved despite having lacerations and blood clots.

It was earlier reported that Dr Habeeb Rahman Ibramsa, a lecturer in Quran and Sunnah studies at the International Islamic University in Gombak volunteered to give a talk to the foreign workers who were involved in the beating of Joy.

The Quran does not support violence against animals, and Im willing to give lectures, presentations and screen videos that supports what I am saying.

Animal lover Nurul Azlyna Mohd Rasidi from Sungai Besi had written to The Star after she read Joys story. It is unbelievable to see how cruel people can be. These people give a wrong perception of Islam.

Islam does not allow its followers to beat dogs or pigs, even though these animals are haram. Instead, every human needs to treat any living creature with respect. I am sad to learn of what Joy had had to suffer. I hope I can give him a hug and let him know that not all humans are cruel and not all Muslims hate dogs. I am sorry Joy,” wrote Nurul Azlyna.

Yeap said FFM was not looking for the government to punish the people who beat Joy.

Although the laws in Malaysia provide for this. We are calling on the government to support our public education projects by persuading the developer, KIP Group, to allow us to educate their workers,” added Yeap.

Meanwhile representatives of Kip Group who met with FFF and IPR recently to address the issue said they were horrified over the cruel beating sufferred by Joy at the hands of the Indonesian workers.

We apologise for the unfortunate incident,” said KiPark sales and marketing manager Sim Weng Keet, who explained that the company needed time to determine what had happened and to assess what could be done to rectify the situation.

Though the site is not within our control and is with the sub-contractors, we do feel responsible,” added Sim, who pledged that the company would investigate the matter.

We need to identify the people involved so that we may be able to act accordingly.” Sim added,

Yeap proposed that KiPark paid for Joys medical bills and the artificial jaw that the dog would fitted with.

The fact that the developer has come forward is a positive sign and that they are going back to investigate further is encouraging,” Yeap said, adding that they had also proposed to conduct an educational talk for workers at the site.

For details, call Yeap at 016-631 9018.

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