Major Tearjerker About a Girl and Her Beloved Pit Bull

Has it been a while since you had a really good cry? If so, click on this link to visit another great one from the...


Has it been a while since you had a really good cry? If so, click on this link to visit another great one from the Villalobos Rescue Center!

Here’s another Pit Bull story to share with those people who say never leave children alone with dogs.

Thanks to Cody’s foster furmom Liz for sharing this site with all of us!

The following is just a part of the entire story.

This is the story of a princess who falls in love with the prince of her dreams. Though he does not ride in on a beautiful white steed, he does bare a lovely white coat himself. This story has a fairytale beginning and a fairytale ending.

Mariah met L.A. in December 1996. He was a confiscated dog brought in to the shelter by L.A.P.D. and animal control. Like so many other Pit Bulls in Los Angeles, he was one of many taken from a staged dog fighting situation. After spending many weeks in the shelter while the courts battled against each other, L.A. was finally free to leave. The animal shelter asked if we could come down and see this very special dog. They said he had a gentle soul.

I didnt necessarily bring him home for Mariah. He was actually here to get a home, but when she saw him, little hearts fluttered over her head. She never once noticed that one of his ears was missing or that the other one was nothing but a torn little nub. She never once made a comment or asked about the huge, deep gashes and scars all over his face. She was only 4 years old and so was he. It was truly love at first sight. Their first night together was spent in the bathtub filled with bubbles and him kissing her all over her cookie stained face.

From that moment they were inseparable. You never saw one without the other. Timmy and Lassie would’ve been jealous. He went with me to take her to school and pick her up. They slept together, practiced on the piano together, ate together and shared every breathing moment together. It never occurred to Mariah that she now owned a breed of dog, that the rest of the world condemned “just because”. To her, he was the world. She proved this in the Spring of 1999, when she got in front of a crowd of 350 with L.A. at her side and spoke out against the breeding of dogs. When the tiny little blonde haired girl with freckles walked up to the podium and realized that the microphone was too tall, she jumped up on a chair and L.A. like any gentleman would do, sat right next to her. The end to her speech, had people on their feet, cheering with tears in their eyes.

Follow this link to read the rest.

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