The Mad Stampers Hammer Out Stylish, Metal Dog ID Tags

Your dog wears only one piece of jewelry. Shouldn't that item be amazing?


When the unthinkable happens and a dog somehow escapes from your care, a dog ID tag can go a long way in reuniting you with your canine friend. In addition to microchipping, hanging ID tags provide a quick, accessible form of identification and a method for returning your pet to you.

Certainly you can visit your local pet shop for a printed tag — those on-the-spot ID making machines are a great, convenient, and inexpensive way to make sure that if your dog ever gets out, there’s a better chance for her safe return. But what if you want something a little more stylish, a little more personalized — maybe even something produced by fellow dog-loving humans instead of a random machine?

The self-proclaimed Mad Stampers are a husband-and-wife team who produce and sell hand-stamped metal accessories. Among their wares are an assortment of pet ID tags, which not only clearly convey contact information, they’re also a lot cuter than your average pet tag. There’s no reason a pet tag can’t be as adorable as your dog!

But what makes the Mad Stampers’ tags so awesome is their reasonable price tag. Ranging from $10 to $13, the tags come in a variety of shapes and metals, and you can request your own text and imagery.

If you’d like get your own Mad Stampers pet tag, visit the Etsy shop here.

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