14 Super-Deluxe Holiday Gifts for Dogs and Their Owners

With eye-popping items from $169 to $150,000, there's something on this list for every pampered pooch.

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They say money can’t buy you love, and while that’s certainly true in the case of your dog — who, let’s be real, just wants you to give her kisses, treats, long walks, and lots and lots of scratches — that doesn’t mean you don’t want to pamper your pup once in a while. And what better excuse than the holidays to go all out with a totally indulgent gift she’ll either love forever… or totally ignore. (Oh, dogs.)

We found 14 luxurious gifts (and one or two for the dog lovers in your life) that range from practical to indulgent to completely over the top. And if these don’t fit into your budget, no worries: Your dog is bound to love that old tennis ball you found under the couch just as much as she would any of these things. Well, except maybe the diamond collar.

1. Luxe Upholstered Dog Bed from Restoration Hardware

Whether it’s an industrial-style bed with swiveling casters or a bed fit for a king (Louis XVI, to be exact), Restoration Hardware’s pet beds will make pups (and owners) feel very pampered indeed.

$379 to $649 at Restoration Hardware

2. PetziConnect from Petzilla

Now you never have to be apart from your pup again. Well … kinda. PetziConnect is a magical device that allows owners to remotely “see” (video), “speak to” (audio), “snap” (take pictures and videos of), and, wait for it … “treat” (dispense treats). Yup, you can tell Spot to “sit” and then give him a treat for doing it, all from the comfort of your cubicle 25 miles away. All you need is Wi-Fi in your house and a smart device. The future is here. It’s not available until January 2015, but this one is so cool that we’re sure whoever you gift it to will be more than happy to wait.

$169 at Petzilla (in January)

3. Diamond Scotty Dog Pendant from Tiny Treasures

If you know a Scotty lover (or fine, probably ANY dog lover), this 18K white-gold and diamond Scotty Dog pendant made by Venetian jewelry designer Roberto Coin will make the perfect gift for her. You also can choose from an owl, frog, or butterfly, so there’s likely something for all the animal lovers in your life. Or at least the ones you love a lot — A LOT a lot.

$1,160 at Roberto Coin

4. Bulldog Cuff Links from Tateossian

And for the dude dog lover in your life — Bulldog cuff links crafted from precisely textured metal and fiberglass with faceted Swarovski crystal eyes, of course. These might actually make him look forward to putting on a suit. Maybe.

$185 at Neiman Marcus

5. My Pet Speaker from Pet Acoustics

Sure, YOU love to bounce around the bedroom to Taylor Swift, but did you ever think about the fact that your dog hears frequencies that are way out of our range and therefore might actually experience pain when listening to your music? My Pet Speaker is designed to eliminate those unsettling frequencies. Though, unfortunately, there is nothing it can do about your singing.

$249 at Trixie + Peanut

6. Cashmere Pet Pillow from the Elegant Hare

Is it a little indulgent? Sure. But just think about how much you love the feel of a great cashmere sweater. Are you really going to keep that amazingness from your dog? Plus, this particular pillow is argyle on one side and light blue on the other, so it’s like two pillows for the price of, well … a lot more than that. Still: cashmere!

$199 at Elegant Hare

7. Maggie Ottoman from Soft Surroundings

It’s a dog house. It’s an ottoman. It’s an end table. It’s a dog house that’s an ottoman that’s an end table? Now your tired dogs and your tired dog can all take a load off in the same place. Chic.

$199 to $299 at Soft Surroundings

8. Custom Pet Painting from Design by Matea

Just send in your favorite photo, and this artist will turn it into a 30-by-30-inch piece of original art using fun patterns and colors. You know you want to!

$1,500 at Design by Matea on Etsy

9. Large Dog Blueprints from Uncommon Goods

Created in the style of mid-century blueprints (designed by architect “I. M. Paws”), this detailed illustration of your chosen breed is accompanied by “design specs” and documentation about breed origins and temperament, comes framed at 24-by-33 inches, and it has a definite sophisticated vibe.

$265 at Uncommon Goods

10. Dog Carrier from Louis Vuitton

Sure, $2,690 is an inordinate amount to spend on a pet carrier. Unless you have to carry your dog every single day? Maybe? The good news: The carrier comes in LV’s monogrammed canvas, so at least everyone will know you spent a ton of money on it. Oh, and it’s resistant to water and scratches and has a washable lining, all good things since your pooch will have no idea he’s in one of the most expensive dog carriers known to man.

$2,690 at Louis Vuitton

11. Outdoor Dog Chaise Lounger from Sharper Image

Sure, it’s chilly outside now (in most parts of the country), but the warm weather will be here soon enough and doesn’t Miss Muffinhead deserve a comfy spot in the shade while lounging next to you poolside? Now fetch her a glass of water. Please.

$299.99 at Sharper Image

12. Burley Tail Wagon Pet Stroller/Bike Trailer

Sure your dog loves to run around, but probably he also really likes to be carried. Now you can take him everywhere you go — even on those long walks and bike rides — because this pet stroller converts into a bike trailer. It even has a weatherproof cover to protect against rain and snow. No more excuses about how you can’t go on a long hike because Buster will be too tired. #sorry

$399 at REI

13. Dog Leash from Gucci

This 47-inch leash comes in Gucci’s signature green/red/green pattern with black leather trim, and while Tiger won’t have a clue he’s on the end of such a fancy leash, all the dog moms at the park are sure to notice. Hopefully?

$530 from Gucci

14. Diamond Dog Collar from La Jeune Tulipe

This La Jeune Tulipe dog collar features a 1.52-carat marquise-cut diamond along with an intricate arrangement of a bunch of other diamonds because, like the saying goes, “Diamonds are a dog’s best friend.” Or something like that.

$150,000 at the Posh Puppy Boutique

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