An Ohio Woman Gets Her Lost Dog Back by Offering a Reward of Beer and Cigarettes

It's an unusual reward, to be sure, but that may have been what made it so effective.

Yes, returning a lost dog to her owner should be its own reward. But sometimes you want a reward. Sometimes you want a little scratch for all the effort you put into taking in the dog you found tearing up your flowerbed, measuring her against the lost dog sign on the telephone pole down the block, and calling the number on the sign. A nice reward can make you go that extra mile, like offering the dog some of the sliced chicken you were going to have for lunch.

Abigail Miller of Dayton, Ohio, knows this. But she also knows that most people aren’t going to jump up and down for 10 bucks. But beer and cigarettes? Especially when the sign was posted in a Kroger?

That’s a reward — at least in her mind. And Miller has one hell of a mind, because beer and cigarettes worked — or rather “a case of of beer from the gas station and a pack of your favorite smokes” worked. Beer and cigarettes got her dog back.

It happened on Jan. 2, when Zoro, a Husky mix and the 23-year-old’s “spirit animal,” escaped from a gate at her home, according to Her other dog, Ajna, also escaped. She found Ajna at a local shelter a few days later, but Zoro remained at large.

“I was so worried about him,” Miller said.

She posted this sign at Kroger and Submarine House, where she worked. She told she did it because it was something she could afford at that it would attract attention. She was right.

Here’s the sign. Take note of how she describes her dog as a “real smooth character.”

Ten days after the dog escaped, she got a lead. One of her customers said he saw a dog that matched the description with a couple in a nearby area. He said they intended to keep the dog and he gave Miller their address. Miller was having none of that. She went round and got her dog.

As for the reward, she said her customer demurred. He didn’t want the beer and cigarettes. But Miller has a alternate plan — she’s going to load him up with food from where she works, Submarine House.

To give you an idea of what that means, this is a picture of that establishment’s premiere sandwich:


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