Little Bit and a Lot of Love

One of our Dogsters is suffering and, like the great pack we are, that means a lot of other Dogsters are suffering along with her....


Show Support For Little Bit As She Battles Cancer

Little Bit
One of our Dogsters is suffering and, like the great pack we are, that means a lot of other Dogsters are suffering along with her. According to two Dogsters who wrote in to ask that she be featured in the blog, Little Bit has lymphoma. Her humans and her brother Lyle all are praying and hoping very much for Little Bit’s recovery.

Well, we can’t hug her physically from here but we can do what a lot of other Dogsters ARE doing — we can keep Little Bit in our thoughts and let her know how much we care about her. Here’s what I heard from two Dogsters who barked in.

Kiko & Josie wrote:
Hi Joy, I’m writing to ask if you would please do a piece on our fellow Dogster Little Bit. As you may know, she has been fighting lymphoma, and although her vet has tried every available chemo theatment, nothing has worked for very long. Right now there isn’t any other to try. All her friends here at Dogster are howling with sadness, and yet we refuse to give in to despair! We have been flooding her page with rosettes, bones, views–she is over 10,000 now!! And recently <a
Francis Rocks has started a stroll for her that has over 100 pictures so far!Would you consider doing a piece on her? We love her (and her goofy brother Lyle) so much! We just want everywoof to know about her and to remind them to visit her page and give her some love!! And if you haven’t joined the stroll yet, tag a picture Little Bit and get it in!

Thanks, Joy. We appreciate everything you do to keep us informed!!

Kiko and Josie

Little Bit
Francis Rocks and the Bipedess also barked in about Little Bit.

Francis Rocks and the bipedess wrote:
Hi Joy. Just wanted to bark to you about a pillar member of the community who I think could use all our support.

As Little Bit and her bosses and Lyle face each day together please lets keep them in our thoughts, meditations, prayers whatever it is that you do. LB is having a tough time in her battle with the evil cancer. Please everywoof join in supporting her pack and let’s hope and pray or meditate for a miracle.

Let’s also SHOW HER THE LOVE by tagging a favorite photo LITTLE BIT and visiting her page daily so we get her up over 10,000 views (450 to go).

We love you LB and die cancer die!

And here is Little Bit’s human’s Tail of Devotion to and about Little Bit.

Sweetest Bit.

It is with a heavy heart that I write to you today on the ninth anniversary of the day you were adopted knowing that barring a miracle, you wont be with us to celebrate with us next year.

We had so been looking forward to moving to a place that would allow us to have a dog that we wasted almost no time in finding you once we were able. From the start you were so special to us. We were so young and knew so little about caring for and training a puppy. You were so young and knew so little what most would consider good manners. We will never know what your first six months held for you but we are so grateful that you waited for us to adopt you.

Through the years we grew to love you more than either of us could ever express. It is hard to imagine a more clever dog than you and it is hard to imagine a dog more expressive than you. It is a rare occasion when you are not able to tell us what you want. Your positive attitude about life is inspiring especially in light of all that you have endured.

Little Bit, we are so happy to have you in our lives. There is nothing that we wouldnt do for you. You are our precious, precious girl.

We’re all thinking about you Little Bit! Our prayers are with you in your battle!

Little Bit

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