Watch the Trailer for Jake Torem’s “Letting Go,” a Film About Life, Death, and Dogs

When the filmmaker lost his beloved Rottweiler, he made a film to cope with his sadness.

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One aspect of sharing our lives with dogs that is particularly painful is that their lives are so much shorter than ours. It is pretty much inevitable that we will outlive our pets; we experience all the pleasure of watching them grow and all the pain of letting them go. It teaches us about our own mortality — and that life is short but sweet, and that we should savor every moment of our own lives and our lives with dogs.

For filmmaker Jake Torem, the loss of his beloved Rottweiler was a deeply emotional experience. To commemorate the life of his canine companion, the Los Angeles actor decided to produce a film about life, love, and loss. Called Letting Go, the independently made movie revolves around Joel Slater, whose life is in turmoil as it reaches a critical turning point. At the eye of the storm are his three dogs, who all happen to be large breeds.

The dogs vie for his attention along with his girlfriend, boss, and mother … but the one thing Joel really needs to do is properly mourn the death of his father. Will he have to give up his dogs in order to do so? Or is there something else he’s holding onto?

Have you ever had to choose between your dogs and something else? Then you might just identify with this charming comedy.

For more information, check out the Letting Go Facebook page.

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