Learning From Your Dog — About Your Mutual Funds

Let's say this right up front -- I have no idea if this article is right or not. I'm a writer, not a financial analyst....


Learn Financial Skills From Your Dog?

Let’s say this right up front — I have no idea if this article is right or not. I’m a writer, not a financial analyst. But it did get my attention that the author, Chuck Jaffe, compares interacting with dogs to interacting with one’s mutual funds. This article came from SFGate.com.

Learning from your dog can help you master funds
Chuck Jaffe

I’ve talked to some men and women who can’t decide if they should be amused or offended by Clare Staples’ popular new book, “Everything I Know About Men I Learned From My Dog.”

Staples doesn’t so much compare men to canines, but rather talks about how the techniques she learned about handling her dog can also be used to train a human companion.

I’m not going to comment on the validity of the book, other than to say I think the premise might have been better applied to mutual funds.

Having been seriously attacked by a dog as a child, I only came around to having one in my family two years ago. The childhood experience inspired me to work closely with the dog, so that I could develop faith, trust and confidence.

In that way, working with dogs and with funds is similar. Many investors still feel like their savings were attacked by their funds as the bull market of the 1990s ended, and while those same investors reach out to funds today, they do it tentatively, much the way someone who has had a bad experience with a dog finds it hard to trust other animals.

To read the rest of the article follow this link.

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