Labrador Retriever Dyson Tracks Down Neighbor’s Lost Cat, No Previous Training

Okay, we all think our furbabies are the absolutely smartest, bestest, don't we. Well, Michelle at the Modern Dog Blog may be right. Her Dyson...


Okay, we all think our furbabies are the absolutely smartest, bestest, don’t we. Well, Michelle at the Modern Dog Blog may be right. Her Dyson tracked down a neighbor’s lost cat, Dash, and Dyson had never been trained! He’s just very smart! Way to go, Dyson!

Just think if Dyson had gone through Pethunters‘ classes.

Here’s the start of the Modern Dog Blog post:

Dyson is a hero!!

Seriously, this dog rocks. I know, I know, everyone thinks their dog is the most brilliant thing ever – but my dog just TRACKED DOWN A LOST CAT!! On purpose! Because I asked him to!!!

So I get this phone call this morning from a dog training friend of mine saying that she sent me an email about a guy looking for a dog to help track down his lost cat. Ive heard of tracking dogs finding lost pets, but never really thought about it much. Well, as many of you know, Dyson has had tons of training in contraband detection work, so we have a pretty solid relationship and he loves finding things for me. I know how to trust him and let him do his thing – hes got the nose. Dyson has had some basic tracking training, and took to it amazingly well; and we have kitties at home and he certainly knows what Wheres the kitty?” means. So, why not? Cant hurt to give it a shot.

I got in touch with the missing cats dad and learned that the cat, Dash, had worked the door open late Sunday night and been gone ever since. Hes 2 years old, and strictly indoors, so not only has he been out during the hottest few days of the summer, hes surely scared out of his wits. Dash and his family live in an urban area, an apartment complex with lots of landscaping and lots of places to hide and get lost.

D and I got there, and I put on his working harness” so hed know something was up. I got him all spun, talked happy to him about finding toys and kitties – and you could tell he was getting wound up. We started in the apartment – which was on the third floor! – and Dyson snuffled through Dashs bed and favorite toys. I asked him to Find the kitty, wheres it at?” and he first checked the house. No kitty, so we headed outside. This is about where the light clicked on and Dyson realized what we were doing. Like an old pro, he picked up Dashs trail on the patio out front, spent some time checking and headed right downstairs. Dyson stopped at the neighbors door and sat, his signal to me that hes found something. Then he got up and sniffed the door again. We figure that Dash spent some time there maybe trying to get into that apartment. I kind of pulled D off, told Dashs dad to check with that neighbor, and Dyson picked up Dashs scent on the next set of stairs. Then he really went to work and it was beautiful to see. He checked once to make sure I was coming with, and off we went. Down the stairs, a sharp left into the bushes, a few mad circles, and he stopped and jammed his face into an opening at the bottom of someones patio. Major snuffing and tail wagging and I knew hed found something so I went over to help him. There was a barbecue up against the patio wall, and I nudged it and sure enough, Dash shot out from under it and across the patio.

Follow this link to read the rest of this blog post.

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