Is Your Dog More Expressive Than Kristen Stewart? Mine Is!

These side-by-side comparison photos show my dog, Pinch, can outdo the Hollywood actress.


My husband told me recently that our Miniature Pinscher/Dachshund mix, Pinch, smiles more in photos than I do. A quick glance through the “My Pictures” folder on my computer showed that, yes, Pinch is a lot more expressive than most humans, myself included. He’s a natural in front of the camera and doesn’t seem to mind getting his picture taken. This is definitely not the case for me, however, and apparently not for actress Kristen Stewart, either.

Kristen Stewart, 23, is best known for her role as Bella Swan in the insanely popular Twilight films alongside on-again/off-again boyfriend actor Robert Pattinson. But while Kristen may have an impressive filmography for someone her age, the media often focuses more on her seemingly expressionless face both on- and off-screen. Stewart even addressed the critiquing in an interview with Elle magazine saying, “I think it’s funny that when I go onstage to accept an award, they think I’m nervous, uncomfortable, and awkward — and I am — but those are bad words for them.” And then of course the Internet got involved and Kristen’s not-so-emotive visage became a popular new meme.

Kristen, I’m a fan of (some of) your films, and I hope you don’t mind me saying my dog is more expressive in photos than you are. But I’ll let you Dogster readers be the judge of that! Let’s check out some examples.

Ms. Stewart looks less than thrilled to be at an awards show, but Pinch is giving me his best “Why the heck are you making me wear this personalized bandana?” face. (Note to self: That bandana might be a little big for him.)

Another less-than-impressed Kristen Stewart alongside a quizzical-looking Pinch, who’s using his eyes, ears and snaggletooth to really sell the look.

Is Kristen happy? Sad? Nervous? Hard to tell, but we can definitely see that Pinch is flashing us some serious puppy dog eyes, which plead “get me out of this ridiculous plaid coat.”

What’s the matter, Kristen? It may be hard to read her expression, but Pinch’s relaxed smile and soft eyes let us know that he’s a happy dude and not afraid to show it!

Kristen could very well be angry in this photo, but really, how would we know? Pinch, on the other hand, gives me his signature furrowed brow and snarly lips to show that feline sibling Noé (whose dainty ginger leg makes a cameo) is getting on his last nerve.

Apparently Ms. Stewart has won an award here and can barely contain her excitement. When I tell Pinch he’s getting a cookie, he doesn’t hesitate to bust out a dazzling (underbite) smile and lift up his furry brows to show me he’s thrilled! (Floppy ears optional.)

I actually think Kristen and Pinch are making similar expressions here. Kristen looks a bit uncomfortable, while Pinch is definitely giving me his best GQ face. Someone call Tyra Banks — this dog can smize!

Kristen is hinting at a smile, but she should ask Pinch to show her how it’s done — he’s got a grin that goes from floppy ear to floppy ear. (His ears have actually disappeared in this photo, as I think he was simultaneously listening to some noise outside while hamming it up for the camera.)

At awards shows and public appearances, reporters and journalists are often shouting questions at the celebrities from all directions. Kristen seems a bit annoyed, but ask Pinch a question and you’ll get this cocked head and pearly white grin in response!

You are a beautiful young woman, Kristen, and a smile looks great on you. You should wear it out more often. Everything is better with a smile — just ask Pinch!

And just to prove that I can laugh at myself, too (and that I have something in common with Kristen Stewart), here is my face in about 95 percent of the photos I’m in (with Pinch being cute and silly and expressive, as usual):

See? All in good fun! Kristen, please don’t be mad.

We’d like to see more great canine expressions — Post a photo of your pooch in the comments making his or her best face!

All photos of Pinch by moi, Crystal Gibson.

Read more about Crystal’s life with Pinch:

About Crystal Gibson: A child-sized Canadian expat in France who is fluent in French and sarcasm. Owned by a neurotic Doxie mix, a Garfield look-alike, and two needy Sphynx cats. An aspiring writer and pet photographer with a love of coffee and distaste for French administration, she can be found blogging over at Crystal Goes to Europe.

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