‘Kill List’ E-Mails Save Shelter Dogs

If you've ever wondered about the 'Kill List' emails you receive really making a difference, good news, they do. So, the next time you get...

If you’ve ever wondered about the ‘Kill List’ emails you receive really making a difference, good news, they do. So, the next time you get one, instead of hitting delete hit forward.

Take a look at the following message from a woman in Canada who has helped saved animals in the U.S. all with the touch of a key.

As you all know (I have been sending you all the euthanize list from Greenville, SC) I have been cross posting this list to rescues in the state and all over.

I am happy to report back that a number of rescues have gotten back to me to let me know they have pulled dogs from the euthanize list and they are now in no kill sanctuaries or with fosters.

Crybaby the blind boxer that I helped rescue was actually adopted by his foster. That made my day–fantastic news!! This is a HUGE raising of consciousness and I am hoping cities all over the country will pick up on this—I am estimating I have saved 10-20 dogs from doing this just from the rescues that have gotten back to me!! I have saved all these lives !! Incredible!!

This really works and it needs activists to get it going because NO ONE is helping these dogs! If I hadn’t stepped up to do this all these dogs would have been killed–I am in Ontario Canada and am saving dogs in South Carolina–that is the miracle of this–anyone, anywhere with their computer can save lives!!

The letter below is from the Director of the BGHS in Bowling Green, KY. They are in desperate need of help, full beyond capacity and asking that you spread their message far and wide.

Please crosspost everywhere!!
Please post on BLOGS and bulletin boards!!

Shelter is desperately overcrowded, and euthing hundreds of animals for space. See Lorri’s plea below. They DO NOT WANT to kill, they need rescue help NOW!

Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society

Bowling Green, KY (http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/KY18.html)

Rescue application:
http://www.bequizze d.com/bgpets/ rescue_app. php

If you’ve never rescued from them before, submit the application, then send an email to Lorri to inquire about animals.

They are in dire need of rescue help for both dogs and cats. EXCELLENT shelter to work with. Evals are great, and they do full vetting at reasonable rates.

Hello everyone~~

This is Lorri with the Bowling Green Humane Society. I am putting out an URGENT plea!! Deana is on vacation, so I am not sure if I have left a lot of people off, so PLEASE forward to EVERYONE you know in case I have. I am sure that she will also forward this when she gets to a computer.

Normally we do not send out these types of pleas, but things are BAD right now, and they are only going to get worse in the upcoming days!!!!!

Just this month (MAY), we have received 1,023 animals!!!!! !!!!!! 68 of these were TODAY alone if that tells you the pattern we are in!! We have euthanized 303 animals this month ALONE, 40 of those TODAY! This will get WAY WORSE in the next few days because we are FULL BEYOND BELIEF and there is nowhere to put anything. PLEASE, if your rescue is able to help, we need it! The animals need it. We have SO many WONDERFUL animals, and they deserve a chance to get a forever home.

Please help us crosspost this far and wide! To pull from us, you must be an approved rescue with an application on file. If you have not filled one out, please visit our website (under my signature) and there is a “rescue application” link on our homepage.

PLEASE KNOW THAT WE CAN NOT HOLD DOGS UNTIL MONDAY AFTERNOON PRIOR TO THAT TRANSPORT!! We can not put holds on dogs this weekend, we need adoptions so we can save others. Please start looking though. We will start taking lists on Monday, but PLEASE email and let us know if you can pull on that transport ASAP! That way we will have some what of an idea how many will get to go. We will even rent a second van if our box van fills. We are DESPERATE!!!

Thank you all so much for always being there for us! Deana and I have NO idea what we would do without all of you.

Lorri C. Hare
BGWC Humane Society
PO Box 1456
Bowling Green, KY 42102

The BGHS had one transport on 6/6 but still have thousands of dogs and cats in need. Get those paws typing, it’s time to spread the message far and wide.


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