Kids, Not Dogs, Reveal Loose Texas Inmate’s Location

Notice the title on this piece? It blames the inmate's arrest on the dogs. Wrong! If you read the article from the Cleburne Times-Review its...


Notice the title on this piece? It blames the inmate’s arrest on the dogs. Wrong! If you read the article from the Cleburne Times-Review its actually the kids who gave her up.

So why am I focusing on this article? Because it illustrates the problem with many articles. If there’s a dog involved anywhere in the story, it becomes the dog’s fault for whatever happened. Like this one. Sure, the dogs got out but I doubt they got out by themselves. Hey, I’ve been a kid and I’ve let dogs out at the wrong time. It happens. So why blame the dogs instead of the kid who stupidly announced that “Aunt Ann” was in the house?

I don’t have an answer; just the question. How about you? Want to make a suggestion as to why its dogs and not kids that seem to catch the blame? Bark in!

Loose dogs reveal loose inmate in Godley familys home

By Kyle P. Whitecotton/Staff Writer

A Godley woman who escaped from police in Mansfield tried to keep a low profile while she was on the lam. But a family members slip of the tongue and two misbehaving dogs blew her cover to Godley police.

At about 3:30 p.m. Tuesday in the 200 block of East Godley Avenue in Godley officers arrested Ann Marie Kelley, 37, of Godley for felony escape from custody according to the Godley Police Department. Kelley had been arrested Nov. 16 in Fort Worth on a felony drug charge and was being housed at the Mansfield jail prior to her escape.

Kelley made her escape when a jail employee mistook her for another inmate with the same last name who was scheduled to be released. Kelley forged the name of the other subject and took possession of her property and left.

Godley police officer Gary Cashman said Kelleys escape ended as a result of an animal control call concerning two dogs running loose. Cashman said prior to the call he had been briefed about the Mansfield escape and knew Kelley was related to the homeowner involved in the animal control call.

I made contact with the owner, who I knew,” Cashman said. And I knew [Kelley] was her sister-in-law.”

He advised the woman to keep her dogs inside her house, at which point she claimed one was already inside.

Thats when one of the kids said, Aunt Ann let [the dog] in before you got home mom,” Cashman said.

It was then he knew Kelley was in the house.

Follow this link to read the rest of the article.

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