Kate Gosselin Is Not on the Side of Pit Bulls

Jon's girlfriend, Liz Jannetta, simply posted a pic of a Gosselin boy nuzzling with a caring Pit Bull on Twitter. Then came Kate's comebacks.

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Did you know that if you post a picture of Jon and Kate Gosselin’s kids frolicking with dogs on Twitter, your followers will FREAK OUT?

Caveat: Your followers have to be lunatics.

Last week, Liz Jannetta, who is the girlfriend of Jon Gosselin — what, you didn’t know? — tweeted a photo of one of the Gosselin tribe kissing a hugging a dog. The dog was not attacking the child. The dog was kissing and nuzzling the boy. The dog is a Pit Bull, too. Here’s the shot:

I know. Aww. But some of Liz’s followers were not happy. Actually, mostly they were not happy about Liz tweeting a photo of Jon Gosselin’s child, because she is not Kate Gosselin … or something. Custody hearings via Twitter conversations are hard to follow.

Eventually the photo made its way through the Internet to Kate. And Kate was not happy. Kate made her way to her computer, uprooting trees and spitting poison, and the Internet cowered, awaiting the blow. It came passive-aggressively, in which Kate retweeted some tweets about a web site dedicated to child victims of Pit Bull attacks.

@JenWheeler @Kateplusmy8 Children who were victims of pit bulls Take a look & see why people care.http://walkforvictimsofpitbulls.blogspot.com

@Kateplusmy8 @OneMomsOpinion Pictures & stories of pit bull victims http://walkforvictimsofpitbulls.blogspot.com

You see, Kate was making a passive-agressive stab at Jon, like the time she saw his toothbrush on the floor behind the toilet and left it there all day, equating that nice photo of the boy and a dog with a site about dog attacks, the message being: Pit Bulls are dangerous dogs.

Which is a bad and irresponsible thing to do, like that time you put your family on a dumb show and everything blew up in you and your husband’s fame-grubbing faces.

If you don’t know who Kate Gosselin is and have never used Twitter, I’m sorry for all this.

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