Kai the Dog Finds a Perfect Stick, Then Heartbreak

Kai thinks he's hit the doggie jackpot, but the joke's on him -- the stick is a root. It's not going anywhere.


This video is a kind of metaphor for some of life’s challenges. Imagine there’s something you see and you want it. For this dog, it’s a delectable stick. (How many of you have dogs who love to fetch sticks the size of a small tree? They go trotting off and then return with a branch that sticks out two feet either side of their mouths, and you’re like, “Dog, I said, ‘Bring me a stick,’ not a tree!”)

And just look at it! Look at that stick! Was there ever such a promising toy? You could sink your teeth into that stick, feel it scratch your gums, chew on it, run around with it. In other words, can you blame the dog in this video for wanting it so badly? No, you can’t, because just look at it.

So the dog is all, “Man! I just hit the jackpot! Look at this giant stick I am going to shred up!” and he goes to grab the stick — and then, wait, what the bark? The stick will not budge. It’s as if the stick is stuck in the ground … because the stick is stuck in the ground. It’s a tree root. What a tease.

The dog, named Kai, doesn’t give up easily, but nor does the root, so we’re at a standstill.

Photo: Wet German sheep-dog with stick in mouth by Shutterstock

Via Huffington Post

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