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Wow! If I had iTunes I'd order these up! You can get the Jingle dogs and Jingle Cats from the Jingle Cats site. Thanks to...


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Wow! If I had iTunes I’d order these up!

You can get the Jingle dogs and Jingle Cats from the Jingle Cats site.

Thanks to Yahoo Finance News for this musical selection!

iTunes Sales Will Get a Boost From Jingle Dogs

The new 20-song album features the woofs, howls and barks of 200 dogs spliced together without the use of tape machines and razor blades. The music was engineered in a digital studio in Hollywood. If the past is any indication of the future, there should be a few million iPods with animal sounds popping out of the earphones. That’s music to anyone at Apple Computers’ ears.

The dogs were their own worst critics. They knocked over lamps, chewed on the microphones and took liberties with the carpeting. Like any rock and roll bad boys, they smashed instruments, knocked over tables, threw food and chased females.

It’s a wonder the album got finished. The best thing about this album is the variety of dog barks. The music is fun for the whole family. It is a wonderfully creative album. Early reviews have been enormously positive.

The Jingle Dogs last album was a smash hit when it was released in 1995. Now, the dogs are back, after several backup stints with the Jingle Cats on Meowy Christmas (1993), Here Comes Santa Claws (1994), and Rhythm and Mews (1995).

The next project for the Jingle pets is a comedy movie with the working title, “Jingle Cats Movie,” which is in development.

Just when you thought the holidays couldn’t get any kitschier, Mike Spalla and his world famous “Jingle Cats” are at it again. Spalla has been busy this year working on the new addition to the holiday tradition of cats meowing your favorite holiday tunes, and will release the new “Jingle Dogs” album this Christmas day.

So far, two million “Jingle Cats” albums have been sold worldwide, with the United States leading the consumption followed by Japan, Canada, Germany and Sweden.

Since December of 2004, consumers have downloaded over 78,000 “Jingle Cats” and “Jingle Dogs” songs from the iTunes website.

“Somebody called me up and wanted a recording of Jingle Bells and I didn’t have one, and so I came into my studio to record it … and I brought my cat with me. I was working on it for about an hour and my cat disappeared. He started meowing at me through the glass window and what I was hearing were meows that were perfectly in tune with the music. I looked over at him, I hit the record button, and I started waving at the cat and every time I waved, he would meow. So I tried waving in time with the music. I ended up with a rough take of Jingle Bells sung by my cat. I later overdubbed nine cats onto the track. Some people thought it was funny. I won a free camera from KIIS FM in Hollywood. People were asking me when the album was coming out. I had some funny friends that saw the humor in the ‘project.’ They kept insisting that I make an album of cats singing Holiday favorites. So eventually I was talked into it. I put together a little cassette tape that was 25 minutes long. It really was only about 7 minutes of music and a lot of repeating, so I was looping the music,” said Spalla.

That album turned into the 1993 release, Jingle Cats “Meowy Christmas” which is now the original release by the Jingle Cats.

The Jingle Dogs new album will be released as a download first on December 25, 2006 from www.jinglecats.com, the CD will be released on January 1, 2007, and the songs will hit iTunes and other download services within 2-4 weeks.

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