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Jimmy Choo The Bull Terrier Is An Instagram Superstar In The Making

Now here is a dog who has many an adventure without ever leaving home.

Phillip Mlynar  |  Sep 17th 2014

Meet Jimmy Choo, a Bull Terrier whose adventures on Instagram are fast establishing him as the Internet’s next breakout canine star. In tandem with his owner, Rafael Mantesso, Jimmy hams it up for the camera in front of a bunch of cartoon-ish backdrops, which cannily transport him into all manner of fanciful and smart situations. Here’s your primer on Jimmy Choo’s illustrated escapades.

Cash rules everything around Jimmy.

Jimmy was especially proud of his contribution to the Luis Suarez Christmas card contest.

Happiness is a relationship based around carbs.

You too will believe a Bull Terrier named after a shoe designer can fly.

Jimmy always loves a good meta prank.

Waiter, waiter, there’s a Grumpy Cat in my soup.

Jimmy’s commentary on corporate branding and gender conceptions is always cutting-edge stuff.

See above caption.

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