Jasper Heads Up the Cowdog Party Scene on Instagram

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Jasper is a superstar Australian Cattle Dog. Since starting her Instagram account just over a year ago, this all-action Canadian-based pooch has racked up a devoted army of followers thanks to her eye-catching antics (and propensity to frolic in cow dung, but more on that delightfully sticky issue later).

Here’s your passport into Jasper’s life.

A herding dog story

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Jasper is of French Canadian stock and originates from Priest Creek farms in Poltimore, Quebec. After jetting over to British Columbia to be with Patrick and Jessica King, she began her life on the ranch as a herding dog — although somewhere along the line she also blossomed into a canine model. She’s quite the looker, I’m sure you’ll agree.

The cow specialist

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Part of Jasper’s ranch duties include being a “cow specialist.” What exactly does that entail?

Well, apparently it’s quite simple. According to Patrick, “It involves chasing, smelling, studying, and spying on cows in the hopes of one day being able to understand why they act so goofy.”

Wait, there’s more!

“Oh, and it also involves a lot of rolling in cow dung for that perfect smell,” says Patrick. “Jasper hopes to have her own perfume/cologne someday as well.”

Don’t worry, there’s more to come on the pressing cow dung issue very shortly.

Jasper’s personality

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“Jasper is bouncy, sassy, and full of character with a great sense of humor,” says Jessica when talking about this Australian Cattle Dog’s demeanor. “We didn’t know that dogs could get so embarrassed by certain things until we met Jasper. She is very clumsy and quite often she will trip and fall on her face in front of us and other dogs. This has proven to be very embarrassing for her.”

Cow dung also forms part of Jasper’s repertoire, with Jessica adding that this pooch finds it hilarious to roll around in a fresh clod, “especially in front of people.”

She adds that when they tell Jasper to keep her behavior a little cleaner, “The tail goes between the legs, and she will run around us in circles with a big goofy smile on her face.”

The most important meal of the day

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Being a cow specialist with a sideline in dung collection is hard work. To that end, Jasper always likes to start her day with a hearty breakfast, although her parents say that she isn’t quite the most discerning of chow hounds:

“If left to her own own devices, she would most likely just feast on dead fish carcasses and the odd street sandwich. Old garbage wouldn’t be out of the question, either — she has no limits when it comes to food.”

Sasquatch sighting!

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If you follow Jasper’s Instagram adventures, you’ll notice that she’s totally obsessed with catching the elusive Sasquatch. When it comes to her strategy in the field, Patrick says, “Some of her tactics are very complicated, while others are as simple as making noise.

“She has a series of trademarked sounds that she uses, including the Sasquatch bark, the forest howl, and the coyote yip (all noises used to attract the Squatch).”

Showing a dedication to her mission, Jasper also has a number of costumes she wears to “blend into the forest.” One of those is her patented “moose outfit,” which has apparently “proven successful when trying to camouflage herself here in the thick Canadian forest.”

Pesky squirrels

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To date, Jasper has yet to successfully catch her Sasquatch nemesis — although she has come close. As Patrick relays, “One time she had him cornered in the rainforest, but then a squirrel ran out and totally distracted her. She gets distracted very easily, especially when it comes to the squirrel.”

Party hard

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By now you might be thinking that Jasper is all about her outdoor adventures and naturalistic pursuits. Well, that’s partly true, but as Jessica says, she’s also quite the party hound.

When it comes to Jasper’s ultimate fiesta, “It would most likely involve a house full of other Cowdogs, a bag of tennis balls, some gangsta rap, and a feast of fish carcasses and street sandwiches to finish the night off.”

Disclaimer: “There is no limit to Jasper the Cowdog’s party scene — just don’t show up expecting a casual outing, because things will most likely get rowdy!”

Hop over to Jasper’s Instagram account or Facebook page to follow her continuing hunt for the Sasquatch.

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