Janne Peters’ Dog Photography: Unstuffy, Cozy-Casual Elegance

A peek at photographer Janne Peters' very pretty pictures of pups and their people.

Last Updated on September 10, 2012 by Dogster Team

Where was Janne Peters when I was producing my first book, Animal House Style? I had a hard time conveying to photographers the exact feel of barefoot, unstuffy, cozy-casual elegance that the world’s most stylish dog owners display while hanging at home with handsome hounds.

But Janne — whose work has been featured on the popular Decor8 blog — gets Animal House Style instinctively, and she perfectly captures the philosophy shared by most, if not all, Dogster readers: A house simply isn’t a home without at least one dog in residence. Happily, the “Dogs” section of her website offers a delicious destination for anyone seeking canine eye candy.

There we see adored dogs with their humans, all of them well-endowed in the looks and/or photogenic-abode department (my favorite is the cute guy who customized his bicycle to accommodate a bucket seat for his Shar Pei). And to the right of each family portrait, we see individual closeups of the furry ones lounging in their dog beds.

These pictures are adorable and sweet without ever veering off into over-the-top cute territory. After you check out Janne’s site, I dare you not to become a frequent visitor!

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