Jake’s Thoughts: Katherine Heigl’s Message Makes Me Queasy

Hi Dogsters! Jake here. Remember me? It's been a while since I've had a byline here. Here's my photo, in case you forgot me. And...


Hi Dogsters! Jake here. Remember me? It’s been a while since I’ve had a byline here. Here’s my photo, in case you forgot me. And there’s a reason I’m lookin’ like this. You’ll find out why in a minute. I’m just going to write a little more to put some distance between Katherine Heigl and me. She’s just a little too close with those scissors you’ll see in the video below. She’s freakin’ me out!

The people at Dogster World HQ sent this video my way, wondering how a male dog felt about the celebrity’s “interesting” little video about neutering dogs. Now don’t get me wrong: I’m okay with being neutered. It’s been nine years since the vet at the shelter told me, “This won’t hurt a bit,” and I don’t remember what I’m missing.

But Ms. Heigl’s unconventional “PSA,” while well-intentioned, makes me cringe, and leaves me feeling a little queasy, and even a little embarrassed that I once even had these boy parts. I know it’s dark humor, and there is a reason behind what she’s doing, and she is really quite a funny actress. Plus the cool peeps at Dogster HQ are howling with laughter. But these are my (former) body parts she is joking about. They’re no laughing matter.

Before you click the play button, please be warned: The video is not for everyone, and I’m not just talkin’ sensitive dogs. Some human Dogster readers might not care for it either. If I weren’t so green I’d have turned red a couple of times. The video is called “Katherine Heigl Hates Balls.” She doesn’t mean tennis balls. She is a pretty blond (like me), has great comic timing, and she and her mom founded a really good animal welfare organization in memory of her brother, but I’ll keep my distance, thank you.

Okay, my photo is far enough from Ms. Heigl to feel comfortable with the video placement. Actually, even if she were too close, I’d really have nothing to lose anyway. Those of you who do watch it: Do you love it? Hate it? Something in between? Is it worth a little squirming because of the underlying message about why neutering dogs? Let us know! Now, on with the show! (I’ll be in the other room.)

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